Chive flower vinegar.

  Buy chive flowers from Chive flower vinegar can hardly be called a recipe but it is a beauty to behold.


Ingredients. White balsamic vinegar; organic chive flowers Buy chive flowers from organic chive flowers growing at Maddocks Farm.

White balsamic vinegar has a sweet and less astringent flavour than other white vinegars and is simply lovely with the chive flowers.

White wine vinegar is also slightly yellow and the colour transformation is not so impressive.


There are two ways of doing this. Buy chive flowers from Chive flowers just added. Method 1: Either decant your white balsamic vinegar into a nice bottle or in my case simply soak the label off your existing vinegar bottle. Remove about 15% -20% of the vinegar out of the bottle and gently shove chive heads down the neck of the bottle using something as delicate as the handle of a wooden spoon. Put as few or as many in as you like but the more flowers involved then the stronger the flavour and colour. Put to one side and vigorously shake every few hours until the vinegar has turned a stunning 'Barbie' pink and you have a wonderful mild chive flavoured vinegar which makes beautiful salad dress. This will take about 3 days.


Method 2: Decant your white wine vinegar into a jug and fill with chive flowers. When the flowers have bleached all their colour into the vinegar then strain the pink vinegar into a clean dry bottle. Obviously the second method produces something more refined but I quite like looking at the chives in the bottle and seeing their colour slowly bleaching out until they remain like ghosts of their former flowery selves. Drizzled over salad leaves with a sprinkle of sea salt and glug of olive oil to make an incredible flavoured and coloured dressing. Buy chive flowers from No photoshopping required. Bright pink oniony vinegar. Stunning!