Floral Salads

Some of our seasonal salad bags.
All despatched on the day
that they are picked.


Maddocks Farm has been making floral salads for more than a decade and it is for these that we are most famous. We started growing a whole range of vegetables but the salads and edible flowers seemed to fit us best so we began to specialise fairly quickly and the business has gone from strength to strength. We sell floral salad in bags to local shops including the multi-award winning Darts Farm. Part our success is our committment to freshness and our guarantee that our salads will be in the shops on the same day as they are picked. We also sell locally to pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes and for the past fewyears we have been sending our floral salads out via our on-line shop as well as the edible flowers for events all over the UK.

A rose petal salad going out for an August Wedding.


We have provided beautiful florals creation for a wide range of events from christenings, anniversaries, venue launches, pop up events and frequently for photo shoots for culinary magazines and cookery books. Whilst our main custom seems to be for weddings (we have many wedding caterers that use our leaves and flowers for all their functions), we are delighted to liaise directly with Brides and Grooms to match their menu and colour

Our Herb Salad. Winner at the 2012 Soil Association Organic Awards


Bowls of floral salad for Summer Garden Party



Our salads are bespoke and picked to order on the day that they are sent out - ie you decide the flavours and the colours to match your menu and event. We can cater for as little as one and for as many as you desire (with a bit of notice!). If you'd like any more information please drop Jan an email at www.maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com and she'd be happy to help.

A wee Christening floral salad for a wee little girl called Flora.


A summer herb salad for a ‘yellow’ themed wedding.


An OTT Ruby Wedding Anniversary salad for some avid Gardeners!


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