Buy tulip flowers.

5-6 flowers to the box

Available from end of April to end of May

Tulips are the first of the large edible 'showstoppers' to announce the arrival of Spring and they come a fanfare of colours and shapes.

Tulips have a sweet and crunchy flavour like a Cos Lettuce hence the invention of our signature tulip dish -  the Tulip Prawn Cocktail.

Tulips flower from the end of April until the end of May and are a bit of a law unto themselves as to exactly which colour is going to flower when. So we make no promises beyond the fact that they will be utterly lovely.

Our box comprises a selection of 5 or 6 seasonal tulips. If you would prefer singles for using as canape boats then please request below or if you'd like their blousier cousins for cake decorating then we will do our best. If you are planning on using them on a cake then order them to arrive the day before you are planning on using them. Trim the stems and use florist picks containing water to ensure they are as perky as possible on the day (available from Amazon). 

Tulip petals are also lovely perched on a cheeky Spring cocktail. 

If you would like particular colour theme such as pastels or hot colours then you can request it below but please note that we can't guaranteed anything so do phone us about 10 days prior to your order being dispatched so that we can confirm availability.


Format: 27/01/2022
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