(100 + Tagetes flowers per box)

Tagetes flowers are stunning little stars of yellow, orange and red. They have a citrus – almost Seville marmalade flavour -a bit like kumquats. Both the flowers and leaves are edible which means that they can be displayed as little sprigs. Tagetes also hold very well (see the flowerpot muffins below) so are great for cakes and for floating either as individual flowers or as sprigs in cocktails.

Their sweet/tart flavour means that they work brilliantly with both sweet and savoury dishes. Think duck or game; fruit salads; trifles….. you name it. The yellow are a little more lemony in flavour so work well with fish as well.

We pick in mixed colours but can just picked just yellow, orange or red as you wish. Just specify when you order.

If you’d like your Tagetes as sprigs then do let us know but please be aware that we can only get 40 sprigs to the box.

Available from May until October. Available to pre-order for those dates.

Format: 27/01/2022
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