Roses (Whole)

3 open roses,  or 5 partially open roses or 7 full rose buds per box. Please specify which you'd prefer in the REQUEST box below.

Available from June to early October. 

Buy edible roses for decorating wedding cakes and other celebration cakes or desserts. Maddocks Farm Organics is the only sellers of organic edible roses in the UK and we are famous for the quality and perfume of our organic roses. At Maddocks Farm we grow more than 40 different varieties of organic edible roses. Different colours, different sizes but all with amazing fragrance.

All our organic roses are grown according to the very strict guidelines set down by the Soil Association and are never sprayed. Our roses are all English varieties and rated as strong to very strong perfume which means that they contain all the essential oils and perfume to make them perfect for eating and smelling!. We supply some of the country’s best wedding cake makers with roses and other edible flowers and petals to decorate wedding cakes.

You can choose the size, the colour, the style and whether you’d like the roses open or as buds… With full open roses you will get 3 to a box. For a mixture of just open and buds you would get 5. Just buds you will get 7. The colour options are to allow us to control stock demand for certain colours but we pick to order so if you would like three light pink and two dark then please let us know. 

Some advice on using organic roses on cakes..... it is tricky and required a bit of care

Roses are the one product that worries me most. Everybody would like fully opened blousey roses on their wedding cake, filling the room with fragrance BUT nobody want their roses to start dropping petals in a hot venue on a hot day. Please remember that unlike florist roses which are non food safe and treated to slow the opening process, naturally grown organic roses continue to open after they are picked and they will open at quite a fast rate on a warm day. Keep them in their punnets in the fridge for as long as possible as this will suspend their opening. If you want them to sit out on a cake for more than a couple of hours request that they are picked on a little bit of stem and are partially open. Use flower picks which contain water to supply the roses with water. Do not request fully open roses. If you are putting together the cake at the venue like this stunning example from The Blushing Cook then it is fine just request more open roses and to have them on the cake without additional water required. 



This is what some of our customers have said this year about our roses…..

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and recommendations for the flowers for my wedding cake! The colours you sent through were lovely and I took your advice of making the rose sugar. The fragrance was wonderful and the rose worked really well with the rose/pistachio base – Charlotte


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