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25+ pansies to a box – mixed seasonal colours - unless specified.

Pansies come in pretty much every colour except greens or pinks. Pansies are one of the better know and loved of the edible flowers and along with their smaller cousin the violas, they are the ones most commonly associated with  crystallised flowers and are also lovely pressed and dried.

Pansies are incredibly vibrant and can flower all year around but are particularly prolific in Spring and again in Autumn. Their black or dark blue centres contrast with their bright outer colours and make them a welcome addition to any plate. They have a very subtle fragrance and flavour at all which means that they can accompany both sweet and savoury dishes with equal ease. Chefs often use the individual petals for garnishing dishes.

Whilst very lovely pansies won't hold on a wedding cake for long time without wilting so if you want to use pansies then use them with a buttercream and 'stick' them to the buttercream. This helps them hold better. Alternatively use them to decorate dessert plates, starters or floating in goblets. 

Pansies are by their nature bi-coloured and we don't grow then in sufficient quantities to be able to just pick individual colours  so please bear this in mind if you request colours and opt for hot shades (reds, yellow etc) or cooler shades (blues purples etc). 

Also this is for a mixed box of all colours and sizes. If you are planning on using them in cocktails and want a more uniform selection then request them in the order but also EMAIL Jan the order number to double check as this will depend on the time of year and availability. 

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