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25+ nasturtiums to a box with a scattering of baby nasturtium leaves.

Nasturtium come in all the hot colours of summer – oranges, reds, yellows as well as some more autumnal hues. We will supply mixed colours unless specified when ordered but we are happy to pick whatever colour you’d like.

Nasturtiums are one of the best know and most loved of all the edible flowers and rightly so. Their vibrancy sings of summer and they have a wonderful spicy flavour reminiscent of rocket. They are extremely versatile with both the flowers and leaves being edible and the seeds being useful for making faux capers. Nasturtiums are also one of the most robust of all the edible flowers. They hold really well and are therefore very suitable for decorating Cheese Wedding Cakes.

Nasturtium flowers are lovely in salads, for decorating buffets and garnishing canapés either whole or the individual petals. The flowers and the leaves are also wonderful blitzed to make a colourful pesto and also can be used to make a wonderfully vibrant spiced vinegar – see recipes to the left.

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