Large Tagetes

Large tagetes

I will confess that these 'might' have first appeared in our field as a result of a 'possible' gin related ordering blunder. But they are here to stay. 

They are the big cousins of the wee little cocktail tagetes that we sell here for use in flutes. When it first became apparent that these were definitely larger and chunkier we were a little dubious as to their merits but we could not have been more wrong. 

These tagetes have strong citrus/marmalade flavour and perfume. This mean that they are rather nice in a highball with a gin (did I say gin twice in one description!), or lemonade or gingerbeer.

They are have a rigid back which means that they lend themselves well to being used as part of a waterfall effect down cakes and best of all they have  the most intense colour. Reds, oranges, yellow and striped. So vibrant that they almost glow. 

The only downside that we have found is that they are so covered in pollen and so beloved by the bumble bees that it is very hard to find really 'clean' ones. The bumbles literally roll around in the pollen which stains the petals and makes them look grubby. Its not a bad downside though really and here at Maddocks we are more about the pollinators than we are about the profits.  It doesn't take us too long to hunt down the clean beauties for your order. 

We have also been experiment flavouring syrups and kumbucha with them with very yummy results. 

Sold in boxe of 20 in mixed reds, yellows and oranges. You can request single colours but we can't guarantee these.


Format: 27/01/2022
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