Halloween Mixed Dried Edible Flowers


Our halloween mix is a lovely mix of ghostly whites, bloodycurdling red, pumpkin oranges and deathly blacks. Perfect for your Fiendish Bakes. 

Our mixed dried edible petals encapsulate all that is lovely about a Devon summer. They are organically sown, grown, harvested, dried and packaged on our farm, all by hand, and with great care. Thus there are non of the bits of leaf or stem that you get in the imported mechanically harvested version – just beautiful multi-coloured petals.

As we are a very small firm our flowers can be harvested daily in small batches for total freshness. Every box of our mixed dried edible flowers contains the very best of what is flowering and therefore every box is unique as the flowers change with the season. At the base of all the mixes though are golden strands of calendulas, fragrant rose petals and multi-coloured cornflower stars.

Our mixed dried edible flowers are lovely as a garnish and strewn over both sweet and savoury dishes alike. They are also perfect stirred though baking; beaten into meringue mix; folded into soufflés; or drizzled into dressings. One of our chefs likes to pop them into blinis and another into jellies. Another customer just loves to throw them with gay abandon all over the beautiful pizzas that she creates.

What will you do with yours?

Our mixed dried edible flowers come in 5gm tins. This means that they are sealed and can be resealed allowing no light or moisture in to spoil the contents. Thus they will keep for many months – if you can save them that long. The tins can be recycled with your old bean cans or, because they are thing of beauty in their own right, they can be saved to store more treasures.

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Format: 27/01/2022
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