Forget Me Nots


At least 30 sprigs so loads of individual flowers.

Forget-me-nots allegedly got their name from from a medieval knight who was walking along a river bank and upon bending to pick some flowers for his fiancée he fell in. He threw the flowers to the bank and shouted 'forget me not' before drowning. A tad careless but romantic none the less. 

Forget me nots are lovely little edible flowers, mainly in blue but with some white and pink. They are simply stunning floating on a cocktail or used in a salad. 

All this being said, forget me nots are very delicate and won't hold in the fridge for more than a day or so so please do order them to arrive the morning before you are planning on using them at the earliest. 

Those that know me well know that, when not rushing around planting and picking flowers,  I am also a carer for my elderly mother who has Alzheimers and lives here on the farm. It is a horrific and distressing disease for those suffering from it and the families  who care for them. The forget me not is the symbol for the Alzheimers Society and for each box sold we will make a donation of £4 towards their pioneering work - more information here.  We have also added an option  on the drop down menu to buy a box of forget me not flowers with an added £4 donation which will be given directly to the Alzheimers Society along with our donation should you wish to help further. We and they would be extremely grateful. 


Available from late April to early June.

Format: 27/01/2022
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