Electric Daisy Flowers

 This is a strange wee thing. Otherwise known as the Buzz Button or the Szechuan Button it is a petal petalless daisy which looks incredibly demure but buy this at your peril.

These flowers were used in medieval times to numb the mouth of those with tooth ache and referred to as the Toothache Plant. 

The sensation of eating an electric daisy starts as a mild grass like flavour when chewed when they start to release a natural analgesic. This creates the feeling and taste as if you are licking a battery. The mouth starts to tingle and numb, and then excessive amounts of salvia are created and you dribble.

 In reality the sensation is deeply strange and these tiny flowers should be treated with respect.  On the other hand I have many times seen them used by one chef on another as a form of torture with great hilarity. 

Mixologist use these flowers to steep into either gin or vodka. The effect is a spirit which tastes mildly of chamomile but then has awarming and numbing effect on the drinker's mouth. Far nicer than chewing them neat.  Also lovely sprinkled on or included in a sorbet where the cold and the numbing work very well together. The sensation in the mouth left by nibbling on an electric daisy heightens the taste buds and makes the recipient a 'super taster". There is a great article and some recipes here


Sold in boxes of 25. 


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