Edible Pressed Flowers


Pressed edible flowers from our certified organic farm in Devon. Each edible flower is handpicked by Jan and traditionally pressed to perfectly preserve the colours. This process is labour intensive and takes time and therefore our packs are limited in number. 

Each pack contains a mix of 25 seasonal flowers and edible foliage ( mostly on stems) which is enough to decorate a cake of about 6 inches in diameter and with 3 tiers of sponge. The number of packs that you require will entirely depend upon how floriferous you would like your cake. These flowers naturally adhere to buttercream or can be attached using edible glue. Dried edible flowers and foliage, particularly those on stems can be chewy and a bit hard. They are perfectly edible but not always the most palatable. 

These pressed edible flowers are completely natural with no preservatives used so the colours will fade over time. They must be kept airtight and light tight. 

For inspiration see the link to our Pinterest Page below or see the incredible work of The Blushing Cook who invented this technique.

If you would like to press your own flowers then the suitable flowers can be purchased here

These collections are for mixed colours. CAN ONLY BE ORDERED FOR A DELIVERY DATE AFTER 20TH MAY .

If you require a particular colour theme then 3 weeks notice is required and these are only available to order between June and September. Email Jan please first to set a delivery date. maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com


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