Edible Flowers for Wedding Cheese Cakes

Here you can buy edible flowers for your wedding cheese cake. Wedding Cheese Cakes are very much the range and this selection allows you to to enjoy an lovely mixture of sweet and savoury flowers which will compliment your different cheeses. Spicy. Garlicky. Fruity. Herby. Just perfect. We can also supply you with leafy garnishes as well.

Do email Jan to discuss what is available at different times of year so that we can get it perfect for you. We can give you advice on which edible flowers work best with different cheeses  in different situations as well. The email is maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You want it to be perfect and so do we. Rather than charge you extra for the big day we charge you LESS and offer you 3 boxes of edible flowers and herbs to decorate your wedding cheese cake for £35 or 5 boxes for £50. This includes some statement flowers, herb flowers, spicy flowers and edible foliage.

As well as decorating your wedding cake we can also supply matching edible flowers to garnish canapés; for champagne cocktails and other drinks; and for homemade wedding favours.

Edible flowers for wedding cakes are available from March until the middle  of October subject to availability. If you wish to order outside of this time then please email Jan at maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com and we can check availability. Winter flowers are much smaller and more dainty than summer flowers and mainly comprise pansies, violas and primulas. You can pre-order your wedding flowers for 2016 and would suggest regarding our FAQs for more information. 

Format: 27/01/2022
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