Edible flowers for Pressing

Edible flowers for pressing.

(40 stems/flowers to the box) - AVAILABLE TO PRE ORDER FOR DELIVER FROM MID APRIL-beginning OCTOBER - mixed colours

The pressed flower cake is one of the most popular wedding and celebration cakes of the year. It was invented several years back by the super talented and utterly lovely London baker Sammi-Jo Gascoyne Blushing Cook. All the cakes shown here are her amazing work.  It has caused inspiration around the world particular in the United States which has very much claimed this style as its own.  Do tag her if you are inspired. 

Here at Maddocks Farm Organics we have been growing the organic edible flowers and leaves that Sammi-Jo uses for years and if you are looking for a baker for your pressed flower cake then the expert is definitely worth vising. HERE


If you want to have a go yourself then this is the selection for you. It comprises a mixture of seasonal fresh flowers and leaves that will press well and create this beautiful effect. We advise on one box per tier of the cake for small cake tiers and possibly two per tier if it is a 10 inch or above. Pressing is not an exact science so take into account the fact that there might be breakages.  (The content changes with the seasons so there will be more violas, primulas and pansies in late Spring and cornflowers, abutilons, daisies in summer). 


We do not press them for you and do not offer advice on how to press your flowers . It is a lovely creative and personal process. There are various methods for pressing flowers (have a google) but the thing you need to be most aware of is the fact that these flowers when pressed are going to come into contact with your cake. ie with food. Please therefore ensure that you take this into account and don't just bung them into a an ancient encyclopedia with decades of dust and mold. Always press the same size flowers together. Use cotton sheeting and not greaseproof paper as this stops the liquid from the flowers wicking away.  Make sure the pressed flowers are completely dried in the pressing process and discard any that have not dried well or are showing any signs of decay. They will store very well in a clean, air and light tight container which means you can extend the seasons and have lovely Summer Blooms in the depth of winter.

Colours - This product will contain mixed colours or themed colours to your choice (see drop down menu). We can theme them into cooler or hotter shades but there are some colours which are very hard to create pressed such as pinks and blues. Also ALL flowers change colours in the pressing process. Pinks become purples, purples become maroon, blues becomes purples etc etc. We therefore cannot match exact shades as this is very much depends on your pressing method and variety of flower. Hot pressing methods such as microwaving or ironing tend to 'cook' the flowers a bit and impact the flower colours more. IF IN DOUBT WE RECOMMEND PRACTICING FIRST.  If choosing colour options please choose a range of colours - ie pinks/whites or blues/purples rather than just one colour particular with multiple boxes. 

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