Dried Whole Roses

A new product for us and one we just love but a little bit of an experiment this year. Your feedback would be much appreciated. 

These organic roses were destined to be on wedding cakes up and down the country over the summer but instead I have carefully picked and dried them by hand. 

We grow over 2500 roses here on the farm so all are very different in colour and in size etc etc so to give you as accurate a product  image as possible, we have batched them and photographed them before we put their lovely labels on. It is a little laborious and really doesn't do them justice but seems to be the only way...... unless one of your geniuses can think of an easier way to do it!

These roses are flat on one side from where they have been lying to dry. Some have stems and some don't. We have described as accurately as we can. 

These roses are completely food safe, certified organic, edible roses.  They are dried to a crisp brittle state as they have been dried to remove all moisture to preserve them. If you would like to manipulate them for decoration and or would like to eat them then exposing them to the air will enable them to reabsorb moisture and they will soften. Once they have softened they need to be used within 24 hours. They are perfect for cooking, making tea etc etc. 

If the product number says out of stock then it means that that particular batch is sold so you will need to choose another. I will be adding more over the next few weeks.

The photos don't do them justice. And obviously they have their lovely labels added after being photographed. If you would like a gift box for them then please do add separately when you order. 



Format: 05/12/2021
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