Dried Tulip Flowers

Back at the start of lockdown our weddings were suddenly cancelled and we were left with lots of beautiful flowers in danger of hitting the compost heap so we dried as many as we could.

As these were, and still are, edible flowers it was imperative to create a drying technique which was entirely food safe and did not just involve hanging them up in a dusty shed. And so, with much trial and error and quite a bit of genius (though I say so myself) we have. These dried flowers are entirely food safe for using on cakes. Tulip petals and stems are also edible but as these have been dried they are very brittle so not very palatable. Think old cornflakes. 

However the trend for dried and vintage flowers is huge this year and there is nothing more "Miss Haversham" than these. An added bonus is the smell. They smell like honey - who knew hey!

Dried flowers are VERY delicate and brittle. They easily fall into petals, and some will no doubt throw themselves free in transit, so handle them with extreme caution. Also remember that as soon as you open the packets you are exposing them to the air again and potentially moisture and bacteria so keep them sealed and air and light tight until use. 

Sold in packs of 5 or 6 (see variations_ on short stems. Colours are parchment, pink and burgundy. 

This is all the stock we have. When they are gone, they are gone. 


Format: 21/09/2021
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