Dried Flower Wreath Kit

Our dried flower wreath kit contains all you need to create a stunning dried flower wreath. Fragrant Devon meadow hay, a wire frame, tying wire, raffia and ribbon and more than 70 of our home grown organic flowers which we have carefully dried over the summer to preserve their beauty. Plus full instructions on how to create your beautiful circle. The wire frame measures 8 inches (20cms ish) across but when the flowers are added the end product is about 10 inches (27cm ish) in diameter. 

Because we grow the flowers ourselves and then dry them quickly and naturally, they are incredibly vibrant in colour. These dried flower wreath kits are lovely hanging in a kitchen, or used as celebration table centres. Perfect for summer weddings hanging up or even as table centres around storm lanterns or pitchers of water.  

This is the perfect gift for someone who needs a bit of creativity and beauty in their lives and is probably suitable for a child of about 10 and upwards with a bit of help tying off the wires and crafty adults. Perfect for Christmas.



We also offer a few, pink/white/little bit of purple with a silver ribbon for those that love their pinks!


Format: 27/01/2022
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