Dried Edible Cornflower Petals


Our organic dried edible cornflower petals are in a league of their own. They are sown, grown, harvested, dried and packaged on our farm, all by hand, and with great care. Thus there are non of the bits of leaf or stem that you get in the imported mechanically harvested alternatives.

As such they are perfect as a garnish, an ingredient and also used as beautiful natural food colouring. Just grind them up in a good pestle and mortar  and you have natural colours that won’t send children (or adults for that matter) bouncing around the ceiling.

For those of you that thought that cornflowers were just blue then think again. We sell pink, red, purple, black AND blue cornflowers and for those that can’t decide which to choose then we have a stunning confetti of mixed cornflower petals for you to enjoy.

Cornflower petals weigh almost nothing so our 2.5grm tins are stuffed to the brim (careful when opening them) and provide more than enough cornflowers to decorate several cakes or savoury dishes. They also add very pretty flecks of colour when used in baking or making meringues, fudge or marshmallows.

We send out our petals in screw lid tins to keep them dry and protected from sunlight that will fade them. The tins protect the petals in transit and can be recycled with your regular can recycling but they are so pretty that we imagine that you will keep them to store further treasures. How are you going to use yours?


Format: 20/11/2019
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