Dried Edible Calendula Petals


Our organic dried edible calendula petals are stunning. They are sown, grown, harvested, dried and packaged on our farm, all by hand, and with great care. Thus there are none of the bits of leaf or stem that you get in the imported mechanically harvested version – just beautiful golden petals.

Calendulas have great nutritional value and have been used in the kitchen for hundreds of years. The dried petals have been described as poor man’s saffron and whilst the colour that they impart is more subtle there is nothing poor about them! They are both used in baking and strewn over dishes – my particular favourites are paellas and tagines where the beautiful strands of yellow look simply stunning.

If you have any leftover from your cooking it is useful to know that calendulas have wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties and are wonderful for treating bruises, sores, cuts and sunburn and a salve or oil made from steeped calendula petals is a wonderful natural remedy to reduce scar tissue and even treat piles….. what more could you want!

Due to the inclement weather of 2021 we will not have any dried calendula available. The first available will be early summer 2022. 

Format: 21/10/2021
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