Dried Edible Abutilon Flowers

I love these and hope you do too! 

It is fiddly faff to dry these abutilons whole as they are extremely delicate and also exude a small amount of nectar which makes them occasionally sticky and then they tear. GRRRR!  Very frustratings and definitely a labour of love.  They are DRIED and not PRESSED. The difference is that they are slightly creased and 3D, like an autumn leaf or a linen dress after you have got out of the car. 

We have to dry them to quite a crisp level to remove any water which makes them extremely brittle so handle them with extreme caution when you get them or they will crumble to dust. Keep them sealed in their tin until a couple of hours before you are going to use them and then just open so that they are exposed to the air. They will then reabsorb moisture and become more malleable. THEN you will be able to handle them without them breaking. Once you have opened the tin keep them air tight and dry and used within 3 days. 

We've mixed up the colours and numbers to give lots of flexibility The photo colours are as accurate as I can get with a phone inside. They are sent in tins not bags. 

A gift box is available to buy if they are for a present. Prices vary depending on colour and quantity. See the drop down menu. 


Format: 18/01/2021
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