Buy Edible Dahlias

5+ dahlias to a box – mixed seasonal colours.

Available from July-end of September.

Dahlias come in such a huge variety of colours and shapes that it is impossible to list the possibilities below so we just list the option for mixed colours in either pompom or spikey shaped. 

Dahlias are incredibly vibrant and have become 'the' trendy flower of summer both in bouquets and on cakes where they can add either subtle or utterly bonkers to any cake topper. 

Dahlias have a mild slightly bitter flavour. Not disimilar to a gentle chicory flavour so they are also lovely using just the petals through salads or to highlight savoury dishes. 

Given the wide choices available if you are interested in late summer and autumn dahlias then please email Jan at maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com and tell her the date and colour theme and she will come back with options. 

Please don't ask for just white dahlias though as this is not an option. Sorry but they are reserved for our mixed wedding boxes. 



Format: 12/08/2022
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