There are two types of edible chrysanthemums.

Firstly the most flavoursome is the Garland Chrysanthemum or Shungiku (Chrysanthemum Coronarium). Both the young leaves and the petals on this variety are delicious and the flowers are beautiful wheels of colour. The added bonus is that they are heavy with pollen and adored by pollinating insects (as well as us) so a win win here on our organic farm. Because they have so much pollen we tend to only include them in our mixed seasonal summer boxes at the top because if we sold them by the box full then they would get heavily stained by the pollen from their neighbours in the box. Frustrating. 

Secondly is the regular garden Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema) which is what we are selling here. With this variety only the petals are edible. They are not as delicious as the shungiku having a slightly bitter taste but for centuries the Chinese have been drying and blanching them for use in tea and they have extensive medicinal benefits.  The RHS also recomends using the petals sprinkled on salads or as a garnish. The fabulous advantage that these have is that they flower much later into the season when other flowers are coming to an end and they hold extremely well so they are a pretty, food safe, addition to an Autumnal cake. Please don't use the ones that you see in supermarkets however as these have been intensively sprayed with a toxic mix of chemicals which should not come into touch with food. 

We offer two options. Either 7 larger or 20 smaller flower heads for £12. Choose from the drop down menu below. The flowers come in yellow, burnt orange, pink, cream and peach. These boxes are sold as mixed colours. You can request colour favourites below and we will try and match your preferences but colour choice is much more limited at this time of year as we cannot guarantee your first choice  - better to request autumn shades or pinks and white etc etc than choosing one colour. 


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