Fresh organic chamomile flowers are a tricky one to deliver. Here on the farm they grows abundantly and beautifully with perk upright and open flowers beloved by insects. However once picked and popped into the dark of the fridge with chillers a phenonemon called nyctinasty occurs and the flowers petals close downwards as they would do at night and they effectively go to sleep.

The only solution is to pick the flowers on stems (the length the punnets will allow) and this means that you can pop the bunches into a mug of water in a light sunning spot on the morning you are going to use them and they will slowing wake up and the petals will open up again. The flowers can then be snipped off. it is a bit of a faff but worth it for their loveliness. As a bonus the stems/leaves are also edible and actually make a truly delicious salsa verde which works perfectly with bbq's veggies or lamb kebabs. 

50 + flowers to a box (we include lots in case some just aren't that keen to wake up - I know the feeling!). 




Format: 04/07/2022
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