Cake Collections - Edible Flowers for Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked wedding cakes are a fabulous way of creating a stunning, natural and contemporary look. They are very popular as a wonderful result can be achieved by both professional and amateur bakers alike.

A naked cake is possibly not suitable if you want your wedding cake displayed for a long time. We would always recommend ‘feeding’ your sponges with a flavoured syrup anyway to ensure that they are lovely and moist (and you can make a stunning floral syrup) but even then, sponges will dry out if exposed for a long time, particularly on a hot day. Naked wedding cakes are often sandwiched with a butter cream or fresh cream filling and current Environmental Health guidelines suggest that you should not have these sitting out on a warm day for more than 4 hours and less if the weather is very hot.

The flowers we naturally choose for naked cakes tend to be a bit more rustic and natural with a mixture of large informal flowers for the top and smaller flowers for decorating the shoulders and base but the joy of working with us is that we genuinely pick every box to order so if you want a specific mix of larger and smaller flowers or colours then let us know.  We work on a rough assumption of one box per tier for a standard wedding cake. Order an extra box if you want to decorate the base of the cake if it is to sit on a board or table rather than sitting flush to a cake stand. 

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You want it to be perfect and so do we. We can match the colours with other products such as edible flowers for cocktails, edible flowers for decorating salads and canapés to ensure your floral wedding looks wonderful. We can even match the flowers to your bouquet or the colour to the bridesmaid dresses where the season allows.

When considering buying edible flowers for wedding cakes do read our guide to using fresh flowers on wedding cakes HERE and also email if you’d like further information. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS FOR MIXED FLOWERS. IF YOU WANT JUST ONE VARIETY OF FLOWER THEY ARE AVAILABLE SEPARATELY. 

Edible flowers for wedding cakes are available from Marrch until the middle of October subject to availability. If you wish to order outside of this time then please email Jan at and we can check availability. Spring flowers (March/May) are much smaller and more dainty than summer flowers and mainly comprise pansies, violas and primulas.  They are more delicate and should be added as late as possible. You can pre-order your wedding flowers for 2021/22 and we would suggest having a peep at our FAQs for more information. 

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