Cake Collections - Edible Flowers for Iced Wedding Cakes

Choose edible flowers for your iced wedding cake here.

Iced and semi-iced cakes are perfect for showcasing beautiful edible flowers because the flowers naturally adhere to the icing and allow your creativity to come to the fore. The fashion is now more towards soft butter iced cakes than royal icing but edible flower can still be used on the latter to great effect. The flowers for iced cakes tend to be a little bit more formal that for the naked cakes. 

Things to consider. Do you want larger flowers for the cake topper and if so what is the diameter of the top tier of your cake? Do you want smaller flower to sit on the shoulders of the tiers where they meet to create a garland? Do you want a waterfall of flowers to come down the front of the cake? Do you want the symmetry of even sized flowers  or a natural organic look? Would you like to include some organic edible foliage as well?

We recommend an average of 1 box per tier for a standard size cake. This will comprise 1/3 larger flowers for the topper and a mixture of smaller and medium flowers for the tiers. If you would like a lot of flowers for scattering around the base or your cake has a very large diameter then pop on an additional box. 

Fill out your requirements below, pin pictures and ask any questions. We pick every box to order so as long as it is in season we will happily pick a mix to meet to your specifications. Also read our guide to using fresh flowers on wedding cakes.HERE. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS FOR MIXED FLOWERS. IF YOU WANT JUST ONE VARIETY OF FLOWER THEY ARE AVAILABLE SEPARATELY. 

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You want it to be perfect and so do we. We can match the colours with other products such as edible flowers for cocktails, edible flowers for decorating salads and canapés to ensure your floral wedding looks wonderful. We can even match the flowers to your bouquet or the colour to the bridesmaid dresses where the season allows.

Edible flowers for wedding cakes are available from March until the middle of October subject to availability.  Outside of these times we have some winter flowers. These  are much smaller and more dainty than summer flowers and mainly comprise pansies, violas and primulas. You can pre-order your wedding flowers for 2019 and would suggest regarding our FAQs for more information. 

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