Buy borage flowers. 

100 flowers to the box

Available between the end of March and the beginning of October.  

Borage flowers are one of the most famous and popular of all the edible flowers. The tiny little blue stars are beloved by gardeners because they brings the sounds of summer into the garden by attracting both honey and bumble bees. They are also a firm favourite with chefs as well who love to use them to garnish both sweet and savoury dishes.

It should be said that borage flowers are very delicate. They will not sit for a long time on a wedding cake in a hot marquee without starting to wilt so care has to be given as to when and where they are used. They are perfect set into jellies or ice cubes where their beauty is preserved. They are lovely popped into champagne cocktails at the last minute or floated on glasses of summer Pimms with a sprig of mint (we can provide that too!).

If you would like to use them on a Wedding or Christening Cake then they need to be stored in their container in a fridge until the 11th hour and then added at the last moment.

Borage flowers are lovely scattered through a buffet salad or perfect to garnish the poshest of summer cucumber sandwiches. Fit for royalty or at least Hyacinth Bucket.

The 'Borage and Mint Tips' variation gives you 100 borage flowers and 35 organic mint tips. Perfect for Pimms or Floral Ice Cubes. 

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