Spoonfuls of Honey by Hattie Ellis recommends Maddocks Farm Organics.

Hattie Ellis' new book Spoonfuls of Honey has arrived at Maddocks Farm Organics and it is stunning.  As well as some fabulous honey and bee facts and a plethora of delicious recipes it also includes some lovely pictures of edible flowers from Maddocks Farm Organics. I spent a lovely afternoon with Hattie at Maddocks Farm a wee while back and she very kindly acknowledges Maddocks Farm Organics in her lovely new book and recommends us as a specialist edible flower grower. Our mutual lovely of the honey bee meant that we immediately had a common bond. Information about Spoonfuls of Honey can be found at here as well as information on where to buy it locally. Spoonfuls of Honey by Hattie Ellis recommends www.maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk Here at Maddocks Farm 2% of our profits each year go towards Bee Conservation projects.