Grow Edible Flowers

Grow Your Own Edible Flowers….

Edible flowers as well as being wonderful to eat are a valuable asset to any organic garden. They act as companion plants and attract beneficial pollinating insects to your crops such as bees; edible flowers perfume confuses pests such as aphids whilst attracting predatory insects such as hoverflies and you can even use them as sacrificial plants to keep pest such as greenfly away from your crops (nasturtiums are ideal for this). So growing your own edible flowers is a perfect ‘win win’ situation. Your garden looks wonderful, tastes wonderful and you are providing much needs support for Britian’s endangered bees and other insects. If you are inspired by our pages and want to grow edible flowers then pop over to and receive a substantial 10% discount on your order of edible flower seeds by using the voucher code MF10. As well as growing guides, each packet of seed comes with specific recipe ideas so is ideal if you are keen to grow your own edible flowers.