Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me some advice on which flowers to choose….

Yes. Most certainly. There is a guide to using fresh edible flowers on wedding cakes here. We also have boards for every type of flower on our pinterest pages so do follow the links for inspiration and information about when each flowers are in season. Our website shop is also orderable by month so you can get an idea of what flowers are in season at what time.  If you still need guidance then the best option is to email Jan at and she will respond as soon as possible. If you've not had a response in a couple of days try again. We try out best but get far more enquiries than we can readily deal with. 


How do I know if there is availability for the date I want…

Go to the website shop and it will ask you to type in the date that you would like the flowers delivering. This should be the day before you are going to use them. You can then choose a product that might be of interest and see if we have any availability. If the website won't let you check out with the item it is because we are at overall capacity for orders for that date. The website might let you put an item in the cart but it won't let the order go any further if we are oversubscribed for picking for that date. 


Can I choose the colour or type of flowers…

Of course! We pick EVERY box to order so you can choose the colour, style and size of your flowers and we will do our best to comply as long as they are available. When you order there is a ‘comments’  section for sending further information. Please use and abuse it. Attached images and requests! The more we know the better we can pick. You can also choose seasonal mixed boxes for different occasions and individual boxes of flowers via our online shop. You can see the different colours of flowers that we sell here.


How do I know what flowers are in season….

The website shop is set out on a month by month basis so you can see what is available when. On the home page of the website, in the top right hand corner, is a link to our pinterest pages. There is a page dedicated to each type of flower on there with details of when they are in season. The individual flower varieties in our shop also give a guidance as to when they are in season. You can also see at a glance what is in season when here.


How many flowers do I need for my cake…..

This is a tricky one because it is all down to how ‘floriferous’ you would like your cake. The wedding boxes are in three packs and five packs but you can always add an additional seasonal box of you’d like they are ALL picked according to your specifications. Generally speaking the three pack is enough for a three tier cake (10,8,6 inch) with a slightly larger display on the top and two boxes to decorate the shoulders of the tiers. If you want additional flowers for the base of the cake – i.e. if it is sitting on a board or tray then you will need a few more.


When should I order my flowers…..

We would recommend at least four weeks in advance. During the summer months we sell out weeks in advance so if your flowers are for a special occasion then definitely pre-order. When you order you will specify the date you would like them delivered. We recommend that you set the  delivery date to the day before you want to use the flowers.


Is there a deadline by which  flowers must be ordered for next day delivery….

Yes. We are only a small company and pick every box to order. We also need to book your package onto the couriers before midday. Therefore you need to order your flowers by 10 noon for next day delivery. However, during the summer months we can only offer this service on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays as we are fully booked with advanced orders on the other days.


How are the flowers delivered…

Our flowers are sent by overnight courier. They are picked and packed by us and popped in a chiller until the courier collects them. They are then transported overnight to arrive with you guaranteed before 12 noon. (We can arrange for a 10am delivery at an additional charge). The flowers are packaged in recycled and recyclable punnets in thermally insulated cardboard boxes with chiller packs. The couriers guarantee the flowers will be there next day and they also pack the boxes by hand at the depot rather than using standard parcel conveyor belts.


What time are the flowers delivered... 

Between 8am and 12 noon for mainland England, Wales and parts of Scotland. For Islands and Highlands the delivery times are different so please contact. 

Courier costs…..

Unlike some edible flower sellers we only charge you what the courier charges us. There is no mark up for packaging costs etc. That is included in the price of the flowers.

For packages delivered Tuesday-Friday

1 – box of edible flowers costs £8.44;

2-9 boxes of edible flowers costs £10.57

9-20 boxes of edible flowers costs £13.61

For packages delivered on Saturday there is a £15 supplement from the couriers.


Does the price include VAT….

Please be aware, if you are a business, that the courier costs include VAT at 20% which can be reclaimed. There is no VAT on the edible flowers as they are a food item.


If I want my flowers for a particular date can I pre-order them and how much notice do you need ….

You can order the flowers as soon as you like and we would recommend ordering early as we frequently get oversubscribed. You can specify which date you would like the flowers delivered when you order. If you have a special occasion for which you would like to use the flowers then we would recommend ordering the flowers to be delivered on the day previous. The fresher the flowers are used the better. For example for a Saturday wedding we would suggest picking on the Thursday to be delivered to you on the Friday morning. The flowers are then fine in their punnets in the fridge until the Saturday morning.


What do I do if I’m going to be out when they are delivered…

We can arrange delivery to your home, your office, your neighbour or even direct to your wedding venue. It is entirely up to you. All we need is the full postal address; a contact name and a mobile phone number.  If for some reason you will not be there to sign for the parcel then the courier can leave it, if given prior instructions, in a safe place but we, and the courier, take no responsibility for any flowers left.


Where do you deliver……

We can deliver to any mainland UK address although there might be additional costs involved in deliveries to the highlands etc.  If you are getting married away from your home you and we can arrange to send the flowers to be sent directly to the venue and arrange for somebody to pop them in the fridge for you. Don’t order them a day early and make them do two journeys. Once picked flowers like to be chilling in the fridge. They don’t like travelling.

Sadly we can’t send to Northern Ireland as we cannot find reliable courier service to get the flowers there in good enough quality.


What do I do with my flowers when they arrive……

Remove the outer packaging for recycling. The flowers should then be popped into the fridge in their punnets and left there until they are used.


How long will my flowers last in the fridge…..

This largely depends upon the variety of flowers. Smaller and more delicate flowers like borage will not keep as well as larger more robust flowers. We would suggest using them as fresh as possible and given that we deliver Tuesday through to Saturday there is really very little need for them to be kept longer than necessary. If your flowers are to decorate a wedding cake then definitely order them to arrive the day before the wedding. If that day is already fully booked then apologies please try another supplier. Remember that these are fresh flowers that are out of water so they will not last indefinitely. You want them to be as fresh as possible on the cake. Alternatively consider petal confetti or dried flowers which hold better.


Can I place an order over the phone…

Apologies but no. We don’t have the facilities to take telephone orders. Also orders made via the website allow the customer to choose delivery dates, to use a choice of payment methods and to supply detailed information about which flowers they would like.


Can everyone eat edible flowers….

We would suggest avoiding edible flowers if you have severe pollen allergies. Some edible flowers are part of the celery, mustard or onion family so if you are allergic to those ingredients then those flowers should be avoided. Pregnant or breast feeding women, small children and the elderly or vulnerable should exert the same caution when trying edible flowers for the first time as when trying any other new food group.  


I don't want a whole box just a few flowers. Can I just order a couple of flowers....

The flowers range in number per box according to size. We can't offer mixed small boxes because of two reasons:

Firstly our organic, recyclable packaging and chillers are expensive. Rightly so. We want a zero carbon footprint on the planet. The packaging for delivery costs us in the region of £2.50.

Secondly we pay our staff beyond a living wage. They deserve it and are brilliant at their jobs. Every box is picked to order so even the simplest box to pick will take at least 10 minutes to prepare. Most take double that. 


There is an insect in my box of flowers what shall I do….

Honestly it can happen and occasionally does happen. We are an organic farm and never spray our flowers. These are usually only pollen beetles, tap them out of the box and either release them or despatch them. They are completely harmless, carry no diseases and cause no damage to the flowers which are still safe to eat.


If you still have more questions then email Jan at and we will try and help.