Edible Petal Confetti from https://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk

I could not have been more thrilled with the cake I made for my daughter’s wedding using your beautiful edible petal confetti. I chose the ‘everything’ option in shades of pinks and oranges and the cake was quick and easy to decorate (on a busy day!). I received so many compliments. Nicola and Andrew loved it. Thank you Jan for all your help and advice !….. Henrietta

Edible Petal Confetti


Petal confetti cakes are this year’s big trend and very popular for both weddings and vintage tea parties. Our edible petal confetti has recently featured in BRIDES and Rock n Roll Brides.

Edible flower confetti, or flowerfetti, is a wonderful way of producing a stunning and natural looking cake with complete ease. What more could you want than a beautiful wedding cake that takes only 5 minutes to decorate and costs a fraction of the amount a sugar crafted cake would.

This large box contains enough flowers to provide petals to cover two 8 inch cakes. We supply our edible petal confetti in rainbow colours and can also pop some wee violas in there as highlights but if you wanted it in just one colour or shade, or one type of flower as shown below with orange calendulas or blue and purple cornflowers then include your preferences in the ‘comments section’ when you order and we will pick accordingly. We pick every box to order.

Alternatively scatter one boxful on a cake and the other on salads, in ice cubes, in jellies, on puds, over rice dishes etc etc…… you name it.

All the wedding cakes on this page are made by the very fabulous Bees Bakery if you’d like somebody else to do all the hard work for you.


Recipe Ideas

Carrot, calendula and coconut cake. A guest blog by Margie Broadhead.

Calendula Edible petalfetti from https://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk

Recipe for carrot and calendula cake with calendula petal confetti. Visit blog post.



Edible Petal Confetti Beautiful edible Petal Confetti cake from http://beesbakery.co.uk
Edible Petal Confetti Petal Confetti with Roses

Edible Petal Confetti Edible Petal Confetti
Edible Petal Confetti Cornflowers Confetti
Edible Petal Confetti Edible Petal Confetti