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Introducing Edible Flowers


Introducing edible flowers. Are you new to eating or cooking with edible flowers? Do you want to learn about different types of edible flower? Buy the introduction to edible flowers box will help you learn more about the amazing choice of edible flowers available.

The Introductory Box is a larger box which contains a selection of at least 7 different types of sweet and savoury edible flowers and is available from the end of May until the end of September. These are individually packaged and labelled so that you can experiment with using and tasting a selection of different seasonal flowers.

The content of the box changes weekly but usually contains some seasonal edible herb flowers; a selection of spicy flowers; a selection of savoury flowers; and some sweet flowers for decorating desserts and cakes or for crystallising.

These seasonal edible flowers link in with recipes on our blog and on our Pinterest boards. If you are interested in cooking with edible flowers then you can also buy one of Frances Bissell’s new books from our shop.

Edible flowers included in this box will show the wide range of options available to the aspiring chefs and demonstrate that edible flowers are not just a pretty garnish for the side of the plate.


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Recipe Ideas

Forget-me-not Cocktail


  • 1 oz Apple Schnapps
  • 3/4 oz Cherry Brandy
  • 1/4 oz of Kirschwasser Cherry Brandy

Who could resist a cocktail named after such a dainty wee flower and the fact that forget-me-nots are edible flowers means that this is a cocktail has my name on it. Okay, okay – I know – most of them do have my name on them!
Living in deepest darkest Devon I couldn’t get hold of Kirchwasser Cherry Brandy so I used a full ounce of regular. I suspect that the Kirchwasser is a far more refined version and I have probably committed some cardinal sin but to my uninformed palate it tasted just fine.