Edible flowers for crystallising from Maddocks Farm Organics
Hint…… You will need to leave your edible flowers to properly dry after crystallising. Make sure the room where they are drying is warm (but not hot) and is not damp. If the room is cold and damp, or very hot and steamy then the sugar will dissolve and you’ll end up with a sticky mess.

Good Afternoon Jan, Thank you for all your advice and help. I crystallised your beautiful flowers for my granddaughter’s Christening cake and everybody was so impressed. Thank you so much. Penny. 

Wedding cake with crystallised flowers from www.maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk.

Fabulous selection. Thank You! The White Box Cake Company

Buy edible flowers for crystallising


Edible flowers for crystallising.

This box contains specially chosen flowers that are suitable for crystallising or ‘sugaring’. Some flowers such as cornflowers, dianthus, violas, bellis daisies, pansies and roses work particularly well crystallised and some flowers just don’t like it at all. As with all our flowers we pick to order so you can choose the colour and style that that you’d like as long as they are in season.

If you crystallise edible flowers using Gum Arabic then they will last for several months in a dark, dry airtight container. If you use egg white then they will last for a few days. See below for instructions on how to crystallise flowers.

Crystallised flowers are a lovely way of preserving flowers for winter weddings; for a lovely frosted finish on summer wedding cakes and for cupcakes or other desserts. They are also stunning on home made wedding favours.

We do two size boxes of flowers for crystallising. The standard size box which contains 50 flowers suitable for crystallising and the party size box which contains 80 flowers plus some sweet cicely fern or other herb sprigs suitable for crystallising such as thyme, rosemary or mint.  We call this larger box the party box because crystallising edible flowers takes a wee bit of time to do well and this box is perfect for inviting a couple of mates round, opening a bottle of wine, popping on some music and crystallising together.

You can preorder flowers for crystallising here and you can choose the exact date that you would like them delivered when you order. 


Recipe Ideas

How to Crystallise

Crystallised flowers are an ideal solution when you want the beauty of edible flowers but need them to last. A lot of our customers use them to garnish chocolates, desserts and use them on wedding cakes.

See our website page on how to crystallise flowers for detailed instructions.

Buy edible flowers for crystallising
Buy edible flowers for crystallising

Buy edible flowers for crystallising
Buy edible flowers for crystallising
Buy edible flowers for crystallising