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“Oh my God these smell amazing. Not like the slightly musty smelling dried roses I’ve bought before.  Beautiful colours too!” Angela Dixon


“Just perfect for Valentine’s Day and lovely to buy British. Well done Jan” Amy

Dried Edible Rose Petals


Maddocks Farm Organics is the only source of organically grown culinary roses in the U.K. All other culinary organic roses are imported. Our dried edible roses are superb though we say so ourselves and our customers agree. The varieties are chosen after extensive laboratory discover those with the highest fragrance and flavour. All our roses are British and originally sourced from David Austin, before being put through organic conversion, so they are the very best.

Our roses are grow organically on our farm in accordance with the strict criteria dictated by the Soil Association. We are a tiny firm so these petals are lovingly harvest, dried and packaged here by hand by one of our team of two (and an occasional half!). Only the best make the grade. You will agree when you open the tin because the perfume will instantly hit you.

Dried organic rose petals are perfect just steeped in water for a cup of rose tea that evokes a perfect summer’s day.  Alternatively they are used in numerous sweet and savoury dishes and particularly in Middle Eastern Cuisine where they are the basis for the famous Turkish Delight.

You can choose between mixed pinks, oranges/reds, and general mixed.  There will be some variation in colour throughout the season because different varieties of roses flower at different times and we aim to get the dried rose petals onto the shop within a week of harvesting them.

If you’d like to buy fresh organic edible roses then they are available here when in season. 

We send out our petals in screw lid tins to keep them dry and protected from sunlight that will fade them. The tins protect the petals in transit and can be recycled with your regular can recycling but they are so pretty that we imagine that you will keep them to store further treasures.

How are you going to use yours?



Recipe Ideas

Just lovely in both rose chocolate brownies shown above and also with cheese cake with rose compote and roses.


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Dried Edible Rose Petals Bi-coloured yellows and red.
Dried Edible Rose Petals All the pinks