Organic edible sunflower growing
Edible flowers from Farm Organics Edible Flowers on a Wedding Cake by The Cake Lady in Exmouth.

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Buy sunflower petals. 100+ sunflower  petals to a box and/or whole smaller sunflower heads if you prefer. Sunflowers come in all the hot colours of autumn – oranges, reds, yellows.  They also come in a huge range of sizes. We can supply mixed colours or we are happy to pick whatever colour  and size you’d like depending upon what you are planning on using them for. Just let us know what you’d like and if we can accommodate you we will.

Sunflowers are incredibly versatile plants. The buds can be cooked and eaten whole as you would a globe artichoke (unsurprising as they come from the same family of plants); the petals are delicious with a mild nutty flavour and, of course, both the seeds and the oil extracted from them can be eaten.

Whole sunflowers are lovely for decorating buffets and garnishing canapés as well as for making statement wedding cakes – either on their own or with other flowers. Here the bride chose a blue and yellow theme.

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Recipe Ideas

Sunflower Recipes

Sunflower petals are stunning with paellas and dishes such as this noodle extravaganza from the very talented Dorshi. sunflower petals used in a wonderful noodle dish from the talented

Buy Sunflower Petals Stunning bronze sunflowers petals.
Buy Sunflower Petals Bicoloured small sunflower petals.