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Buy Rocket Flowers. 85 flower heads per box. We can also sell them on the stem if you prefer. Just call Jan on 07935 268744.

Stripy salad rocket flowers works brilliantly with savoury dishes and their beautiful vibrancy epitomises summer. They are stunning stars in cream and brown with a strong spicy flavour which marry well with a whole host of savoury dishes as well as being lovely to garnish salads and canapés. Rocket flowers are much loved by chefs not just because of their beauty but because they pack a real punch flavour wise which means they compliment a whole range of  recipes.Buy rocket flowers from

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Recipe Ideas

Spicy flower canapés.

Recipe for spicy flower canapés as show above is here.

Below is a stunning homemade Beef carpaccio from The Jack In the Green using a selection of our edible flowers including rocket flowers.


Rocket edible flowers for sale.

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