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Nasturtiums – Filming with The One Show

A wee while ago I spent a sunny afternoon filming with The One Show and discussing all things nasturtiums! It is going to be aired tonight in advance of The Great British Bake Off’s Botanical week. Nasturtium Capers photographed by lovely …

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Edible flowers at Spectre Premiere from Maddocks Farm Organics

Edible flowers for new Bond premiere. Bond’s traditional cocktail gets a floral twist for the after party of the premiere of Spectre in London. Bond’s traditional martini was both ‘shaken’ and ‘stirred’ up and garnished with edible flowers for the premiere of Spectre …

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Interview with Drink Factory

Since it’s inception in 2005 Drink Factory has been using edible flowers and botanical extracts in it’s cocktails. It takes what might be considered normal to a whole new level. The ‘Green Martini’ finds it’s greenness from an infusion with freeze dried peas and beans …

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Nasturtium Pesto.

Nasturtium Pesto. We make a whole host of different pestos at different times of the year here and use them with everything from pasta, new potatoes, on canapés, swirled on soup or simply smeared on a hunk on bread. This particular …

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Nasturtium and pumpkin seed bread.

The recipe for this lovely bread comes from Frances Bissell’s new book, The Scented Baker which is available to buy from our website from next week – click here. Advance orders are being taken now. We were honoured that Frances chose Maddocks Farm …

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Nasturtium Cordial

  Nasturtium cordial is a stunning and refreshing summer drink when diluted with sparkling water and can also be used as a syrup for flavouring cocktails etc. 200grms of organic caster sugar 225ml of water 50 nasturtium flowers large sprig …

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Nasturtium Capers

Nasturitums are perhaps the most commonly know edible flower and add a wonderful vibrancy to summer salads with their beautiful colours and spicy flavour but did you know that you can eat the seeds as well? Pickled nasturtiums seeds are …

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