Wild Foragings

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Primrose and Passion Fruit Pavlova

The primrose season is nearly upon us. Well actually in Devon it already is but the over enthusiastic early offerings are small and battered and not a patch on their March/April successors. I always maintain that I am first and …

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Floral Sugar

Floral sugar is one of the key ingredients in many edible flower recipes. The sugar absorbs the flavour and fragrance of the flowers and allows you to both extend the season and enjoy wonderful flowery summer flavours year round, plus it also …

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Primrose curd. Edible flower recipe from https://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk/category/latest-blog/

Primrose curd.

I’m the first one to admit that I am first and foremost a gardener and what happens in the kitchen can be a little random and unpredictable to say the least. Therefore, where possible, I rely on those far more …

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Perfecting Pesto

Wild garlic and ‘friends’ pesto Photo by Marcus Bawdon At Maddocks Farm Organics we make our own pesto in the summer due to the massive glut of various basils that we get. Basil can be a bit slow getting going …

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Spicy Flower Canapés

Ingredients Fudges Fiery & Flavoursome Jalapeño Melts  – or similar spicy cheese biscuit (I’m not on commission I just love them). A good quality goat’s cheese – a log rather than a round one; Homemade wild garlic, nasturtium and mustard …

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Bling or Spring? Primrose Panatonne Pudding

Primrose Panatonne Pudding I invented this pudding for three reasons. Firstly because today heralds the start of Spring and we should not let that go without a bit of a celebration. Secondly and on a practical note, I was given …

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Primrose Curd Muffins

Making Primrose Muffins. These wee muffins are lovely and so simple to make that I, or anybody’s small child, could manage without tantrum or too much supervision. Having said that, they are not conventionally beautiful. The apple based primrose curd …

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