Savory Flowers

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Fennel, Pancetta and Parmesan Muffins.

This recipe is directly taken, with permission, from Frances Bissell’s new book The Floral Baker which is for sale on our website here. The perfect present for a gardener or baker  or gardening baker! By way of a review I …

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Nasturtium Pesto.

Nasturtium Pesto. We make a whole host of different pestos at different times of the year here and use them with everything from pasta, new potatoes, on canapés, swirled on soup or simply smeared on a hunk on bread. This particular …

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Nasturtium Capers

Nasturitums are perhaps the most commonly know edible flower and add a wonderful vibrancy to summer salads with their beautiful colours and spicy flavour but did you know that you can eat the seeds as well? Pickled nasturtiums seeds are …

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Chive flower vinegar.

  Chive flower vinegar can hardly be called a recipe but it is a beauty to behold. Ingredients. White balsamic vinegar Chive flowers Beautiful chive flowers growing at Maddocks Farm. Balsamic vinegar has a sweet and less astringent flavour than …

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