Edible flower croquembouche recipe with edible flowers from

Edible Flower Croquembouche

My wee baby has just turned 15. Not sure how that happened but she now towers over me and ‘borrows’ my rarely used makeup. She was away with a friend’s family for her actual birthday but came back insisting upon a birthday …

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Floral Sugar

Floral sugar is one of the key ingredients in many edible flower recipes. The sugar absorbs the flavour and fragrance of the flowers and allows you to both extend the season and enjoy wonderful flowery summer flavours year round, plus it also …

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Spoonfuls of Honey by Hattie Ellis recommends

Spoonfuls of Honey by Hattie Ellis recommends Maddocks Farm Organics.

Hattie Ellis’ new book Spoonfuls of Honey has arrived at Maddocks Farm Organics and it is stunning.  As well as some fabulous honey and bee facts and a plethora of delicious recipes it also includes some lovely pictures of edible …

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