Edible Flowers for Weddings

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Edible Flowers for Winter Weddings

I love it when prospective brides phone up and say “I’ve been looking at your wonderful website (and it is!) and I’d like some edible flowers and floral salad for my wedding”. My immediate response is usually something along the lines …

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Cocktails with Edible Flowers

Dark and Stormy Cocktail with Tagetes Flowers. Cocktails with edible flowers are stunning and a ‘Dark and Stormy’ is perfect for a late summer wedding when there is just a hint of autumn in the air. Or for almost any other …

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Edible Roses

Roses are fast becoming our favourite edible flower at Maddocks Farm Organics and the one we are most commonly associated with. Roses are a quintessentially British favourite with gardeners and florists alike and are having a resurgence in popularity in …

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Edible flower croquembouche recipe with edible flowers from https://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk

Edible Flower Croquembouche

My wee baby has just turned 15. Not sure how that happened but she now towers over me and ‘borrows’ my rarely used makeup. She was away with a friend’s family for her actual birthday but came back insisting upon a birthday …

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Using fresh flowers on wedding cakes.

A Guide to Using Real Flowers on Wedding Cakes. There is a lot of confusion regarding using fresh flowers on Wedding Cakes so I thought I’d clarify a few points. First the negatives of using fresh flowers on wedding or other celebration …

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Pimms Jelly

I realised that despite having made this jelly for years – and having Chris’ lovely pictures on my website – that I’d never popped up the recipe on the blog so here it is. Chris Archambault and I first developed …

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Rose Petal Champagne Cocktail

Rose Petal Champagne Cocktail. The roses are enjoying a late flush of loveliness at Maddocks Farm Organics and the Indian summer means that it is still possible to sit outside of an evening and enjoy a wee glass of something …

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Petal and Prosecco Jelly.

Edible Petal and Proscecco Jelly This recipe can be adapted a million different ways using a host of different edible flowers. You can use Pimms or Champagne, white wine or whatever your favourite tipple is.  I’ve made a Gin & Tonic Jelly …

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Forget-me-not Cocktail

Forget-me-nots allegedly got their name from from a medieval knight who was walking along a river bank and upon bending to pick some flowers for his fiancée he fell in. He threw the flowers to the bank and shouted ‘forget me …

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Spicy Flower Canapés

Ingredients Fudges Fiery & Flavoursome Jalapeño Melts  – or similar spicy cheese biscuit (I’m not on commission I just love them). A good quality goat’s cheese – a log rather than a round one; Homemade wild garlic, nasturtium and mustard …

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Rosemary Cake

This cake recipe is based on Nigella’s Rosemary Rememberance Cake. Nigella made it in honour of her maternal grandmother who was called Rosemary. The sentiment behind this struck a real chord with me as my paternal grandmother cooked extensively with …

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Edible Flowers: Bellis Confetti for cocktails

Edible flowers make a lovely additions to cocktail glasses and none more so that bellis daisies. These little beauties are amongst the first edible flowers to appear in the Spring and continue to produce flowers for months to come. Their …

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Bling or Spring? Primrose Panatonne Pudding

Primrose Panatonne Pudding I invented this pudding for three reasons. Firstly because today heralds the start of Spring and we should not let that go without a bit of a celebration. Secondly and on a practical note, I was given …

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Edible flowers for wedding drinks and cocktails. Edible flowers from www.maddocksfarmorganic.co.uk.

Edible Flowers for Summer Drinks & Wedding Cocktails

Whilst outside we are all starting to think about Christmas and the frost has finally reduced the last of the edible flowers to pulp, in my head I am planning the flowers that we are going to grow for next …

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