Edible Flower Salads

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Edible Flowers for Winter Weddings

I love it when prospective brides phone up and say “I’ve been looking at your wonderful website (and it is!) and I’d like some edible flowers and floral salad for my wedding”. My immediate response is usually something along the lines …

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Nasturtium Capers

Nasturitums are perhaps the most commonly know edible flower and add a wonderful vibrancy to summer salads with their beautiful colours and spicy flavour but did you know that you can eat the seeds as well? Pickled nasturtiums seeds are …

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Floral Salads

Maddocks Farm has been making floral salads for more than a decade and it is for these that we are most famous. We started growing a whole range of vegetables but the salads and edible flowers seemed to fit us …

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Jubilee Salads

Jubilee Salads We are now gearing up for the Jubilee with special salads for next weekend and thank goodness the hot weather has bought on the edible flowers just in time! As well as providing ‘Jubilee’ salads for the local …

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