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    Buy Fresh Lavender Flowers (Copy)

    Buy fresh lavender flowers from our Devon farm – 50 stems per box.

    We grow three types of culinary lavender – all English. Contrary to popular belief English Lavender is considered better than French for cooking purposes because it has lower camphor levels and a softer, sweeter flavour. The French lavender is stronger and ideal for the perfume industry. Our lavender is continuously harvested and provides flowers from the end of June until October.

    Lavender is associated with sweet dishes such as shortbread, cakes and biscuits and is stunning with chocolate and ice creams. White chocolate and lavender – to die for! Fresh lavender is also marvellous with savoury dishes and has a wonderful affinity with lamb and with tomato dishes. A few sprigs are also lovely crumbled through roasting potatoes.

    Lavender has shaken off it’s association with old ladies and has suddenly become ‘bang on trend’. Lavender cocktails have become extremely fashionable for weddings in the past couple of years. Both the sprigs floating in cocktails and a lavender syrup used to make cocktails. Our fresh lavender was used to make cocktails on Sunday Brunch last year and went down a storm with Olympic athlete, Christina Ohuruogu!

    Our boxes of fresh lavender flowers contain a minimum of 50 heads on 5 inch stalks. This is more than sufficient for a whole range of dishes (or to garnish cocktails) as fresh lavender has a stronger and cleaner flavour than dried.

    Surplus lavender heads can be preserved by making lavender sugar. Alternatively it can be dried and as long as it is kept in an airtight container out of direct sunlight it will retain it’s flavour for a year.

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    Edible Flowers for Cocktails

    Edible Flowers for Cocktails.


    More than 3,000 of our edible flowers were used to garnish the cocktails at the premiere of the James Bond Movie Spectre. We like to think that if they are good enough for James Bond’s martini then they are pretty spot on. They are also featured in Brides magazine as a ‘budding’ trend.

    The Cocktail Box comes in two sizes.

    The Budding Floral Cocktail Box which contains three separate punnets of different types of flowers – making up 75+ smaller edible flowers in total suitable for garnishing mixed cocktails and other summer drinks and for making flower ice cubes and lollies. It also contains a few seasonal edible leaves perfect for decorating cocktails e.g. thyme sprigs, lemon verbena, mint, lemon balm or fennel fronds or for adding to your ice cubes.

    The Flower Power Floral Cocktail Box which contains four separate punnets of four distinctly different types of flowers – making up 150+ smaller edible flowers in total suitable for garnishing mixed cocktails and other summer drinks and for making flower ice cubes and lollies. It also contains two types of seasonal edible leaves perfect for decorating cocktails e.g. thyme sprigs; lemon verbena, mint, lemon balm stems; or fennel fronds or for adding to your ice cubes.

    If you know what cocktails you have in mind when ordering this box then let us know and we’ll find your cocktail the perfect petally partner.

    If you would like a specific type of edible flower to garnish drinks for your special event, or have a particular cocktail in mind then do look at our list of individual flowers or you can choose this mixed Edible Flower Cocktail box for a selection of floral treats to make your cocktail party go with a bang. You can either choose one type of flower or have a selection of different flowers and petals.

    Floral Ice Cubes – Our lovely edible flowers in ice cubes were featured in Brides. We do a selection of edible flowers for ice cubes HERE.