Individual Varieties in May

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  • Borage on Pimms Jelly from
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    Buy Borage Flowers

    (100 + borage flowers per box)

    Borage flower are available between the end of March and the middle of October. 

    Borage flowers are one of the most famous and popular of all the edible flowers. The tiny little blue stars are beloved by gardeners because they brings the sounds of summer into the garden by attracting both honey and bumble bees. They are also a firm favourite with chefs as well who love to use them to garnish both sweet and savoury dishes.

    It should be said that borage flowers are very delicate. They will not sit for a long time on a wedding cake in a hot marquee without starting to wilt so care has to be given as to when and where they are used. They are perfect set into jellies or ice cubes where their beauty is preserved. They are lovely popped into champagne cocktails at the last minute or floated on glasses of summer Pimms with a sprig of mint (we can provide that too!).

    If you would like to use them on a Wedding or Christening Cake then they need to be stored in their container in a fridge until the 11th hour and then added at the last moment.

    Borage flowers are lovely scattered through a buffet salad or perfect to garnish the poshest of summer cucumber sandwiches. Fit for royalty or at least Hyacinth Bucket.

  • Dried mixed edible petals from
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    Buy Calendula Flowers

    Buy Calendula Flowers. 25 flower heads per box.

    Calendulas are available between the beginning of April and the middle of October. Please don’t order outside of these times.

    Calendulas. Stunning strands of orange and yellow confetti style petals with a mild spicy almost nutmeg like flavour. These works brilliantly with both savoury and sweet dishes and their stunning vibrancy epitomises summer.

    Here we sell a box of more than 25 large calendula heads which will produce enough petals to more than decorate a whole host of dishes or cakes – as such, they are fabulous value for money. If you have surplus you can always freeze them into ice cubes or make some floral butters or oils for the freezer.

    Calendula flowers also have great medicinal qualities and are used to make soothing ointments and creams.

    We will include a selection of oranges and yellows within the box but if you’d just prefer just one colour then please do specify in ‘customer notes’ as you submit your order and we can pick your preferred option.

    Information about ordering, preordering and delivery is here. Every box is picked to order on the day of despatch so we cannot accept orders placed after 12 noon for next day delivery.

  • Sale! Dianthus flowers at
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    Buy Dianthus Flowers

    Buy Dianthus Flowers. 40 flower heads per box. Available May to September.

    Dianthus. Stunning summer flowers in red, pinks, whites and purples that hold brilliantly on a cake and are also lovely crystallised.

    Here we sell a box of more than 40 dianthus heads on short stalks. If you’d like the stalks longer for flower pot muffins please specify.

    Dianthus are also lovely used as part of petal confetti where their delicate feather like petals add a touch of class.

    Whole dianthus are also lovely floating in cocktails.

    We will include a selection of colours within the box but if you’d just prefer just one colour then please do make a note on your order and we do our best to choose your preferred option.

  • Cornflower cake from
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    Buy Edible Cornflowers

    40+ cornflowers to a box. Available from June to end of September.

    We pick to order so please do choose when ordering what colours you’d like.

    Buy edible cornflowers for celebration cakes, for cooking, for floating in cocktails and as a stunning ingredient in numerous other delicious recipes. Maddocks Farm Organics grows a whole range of cornflowers in colours from traditional blue through to purple, red, pink, black and white. Their natural beauty makes them one of the most popular edible flowers we grow.We sow successionally so that we have cornflowers available from May through until October.

    Whilst cornflowers have almost no flavour, they are both stunning and very robust which makes them a firm favourite with customers as both the flowers, or just the beautiful three dimensional bracts, will happily sit on a cake for several hours without wilting. Cornflowers are also fabulous crystallised transforming into wonderful sweet crunchy spheres – delicious. For information about crystallising edible flowers see here.

    Cornflowers from

  • Fresh elderflowers from
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    Buy fresh Elderflowers

    8+ large heads of elderflower to a box.

    Buy fresh elderflower here.

    Elderflowers are one of the most famous and stunning of all edible flowers. Most people have tried elderflower cordial but have you tried elderflower gin or vodka. What have you been waiting for!!

    Elderflower sprigs are lovely floating on the top of cocktails or to decorate cake. Or make some lovely elderflower sugar or syrup for decorating your cakes and desserts. The possibilities are endless.

    Our elderflowers are grown on our own organic land and foraged in a sustainable manner.

    Elderflower is available until the 3rd week in June. Please do not order it after this time.

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  • Buy Chive Flowers. Edible flowers
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    Buy Fresh Herb Flowers

    Fresh edible herb flowers are grown seasonally at Maddocks Farm Organics. You can choose from the following selection:

    Chive flowers are so commonly seen covered with bees in the corner of a herb patch that they can sometimes be overlooked but they are one of the most delicious of the edible herb flowers. Chive flower butter is stunning on new potatoes, or stirred through pasta.

    Buy edible chive flowers from Chive flowers at

    Coriander flowers are beautiful. They are a big hit with chefs as they are lacy with a milder, sweeter flavour than the herb itself. They are also pretty robust so hold well as garnishes on both sweet and savoury canapés. They are also stunning highlights on Wedding Cheese Cakes. We successional sow coriander so it is available for a lot of the year.

    Dill flowers are delicious with a mild sweet aniseed flavour and make a wonderful floral butter and are delicious served with pork and fish dishes as well as being scattered through a herb salad. The tiny little stars cut from the heads to make a flavoursome garnish. We sow dill successionally so you can buy dill flowers pretty much throughout the year.

    Buy Fennel Flowers. Edible flowers flowers are much stronger and more robust. A strong sweet hit of liquorice and completely addictive. Fennel pollen is extremely expensive chef’s ingredient which can cheaply be replicated by grinding up the fresh flowers in a pestle and mortar. Lovely in bouillabaisse and stunning in these fennel and pancetta muffins.

    Garlic Chives are available in the Autumn. Not dissimilar to wild garlic in the Spring the flowers are crunchy and garlicky. Lovely in homemade salsas, in fritattas, on new potatoes or just about anywhere where a fresh garlic bite is perfect.

    Marjoram and oregano both synonymous with Mediterranean dishes and can be used as the leaves are. Nice blitzed and rubbed under the skin of chicken before roasting, in stuff ing or as a garnish for tomato soup.

    Not strictly a herb Mexican Tarragon flowers actually come from the marigold family but with a distinctive tarragon flavour so a wonderful addition and garnish to a whole host of savoury dishes.

    Pineapple sage is one of my absolute favourites. Arriving very late in the day but with a fabulous fragrant pineapple scent so wonderful with a whole selection of desserts – my favourite being an autumnal fruit salad.

    Rosemary is usually associated with savoury dishes and the flowers work very well with these but I particularly like it in the lovely Rosemary Cake from our blog.

    Sage flowers are exquisite miniature orchids with a punchy sage flavour. Lovely with anything tomato and of course, a well known marriage with onions. These tiny little flavour bombs make a wonderful garnish to many dishes are a key component in herb flower butters.

    Sweet Cicely flowers, as  the name would suggest have a very sweet flavour with mild aniseed notes. The flowers look similar to elderflower but are more delicate and a lovely garnish to many desserts.

    Thyme flowers are a very popular garnish with the cheffing crowd who love their delicate look and use them to garnish a whole host of savoury and sometimes sweet dishes. They are particularly nice with quiches and flans and a rather happy partnership with mushrooms.

    Winter Purslane flowers are small saucers of fleshy green with a cucumber flavour and delicate white flowers in the centre. They are one of the first flowers to start in the Spring and a firm favourite here at Maddocks Farm Organics. They form an integral part of our early season salads.

    Most of the herb flowers are quite delicate and therefore sent as ‘sprigs’ where both the tiny flowers and the herb itself can be eaten. The exception are the chives and winter purslane where 50 flowers are included to a box and the Mexican Tarragon where 70 are included.

  • Buy nasturtium flowers from
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    Buy Nasturtium Flowers

    35+ nasturtiums to a box with a scattering of baby nasturtium leaves. Nasturtium come in all the hot colours of summer – oranges, reds, yellows as well as some more autumnal hues. We will supply mixed colours unless specified when ordered but we are happy to pick whatever colour you’d like.

    Nasturtiums are one of the best know and most loved of all the edible flowers and rightly so. Their vibrancy sings of summer and they have a wonderful spicy flavour reminiscent of rocket. They are extremely versatile with both the flowers and leaves being edible and the seeds being useful for making faux capers. Nasturtiums are also one of the most robust of all the edible flowers. They hold really well and are therefore very suitable for decorating Cheese Wedding Cakes.

    Nasturtium flowers are lovely in salads, for decorating buffets and garnishing canapés either whole or the individual petals. The flowers and the leaves are also wonderful blitzed to make a colourful pesto and also can be used to make a wonderfully vibrant spiced vinegar – see recipes to the left.

    Buy nasturtium flowers for salads, for decorating buffets and garnishing from


    Available from

  • Buy organic pansies. Buy edible pansies from
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    Buy Edible Pansies

    Buy Edible Pansies

    40+ pansies to a box – mixed seasonal colours unless requested otherwise.

    Pansies come in pretty much every colour except green. Pansies are one of the better know and loved of the edible flowers and along with their smaller cousin the violas, they are the ones most commonly associated with  crystallised flowers.

    Pansies are incredibly vibrant and can flower all year around but are particularly prolific in late winter and early spring. Their black or dark blue centres contrast with their bright outer colours and make them a welcome addition to any plate. They have a very subtle fragrance and virtually no flavour at all which means that they can accompany both sweet and savoury dishes with equal ease. Chefs often use the individual petals for garnishing.

    Buy edible pansies for making cakes from

    A pansy cake made by a customer for her mother’s birthday.

  • Edible phlox flowers in cocktails from
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    Buy Phlox Flowers

    Buy phlox flowers. 100 flower heads per box.

    Phlox are available between the beginning of May and the middle of October. Please don’t order outside of these times.

    Phlox. Stunning summer flowers in red, pinks, whites and purples. These flowers are very delicate and ones that should be treated with care as they don’t like to be left out on food for long periods of time. Having said that, they are completely stunning little stars and are quite beautiful adorning cocktails if they are added at the last minute. They are also beautiful additions to cakes or desserts.

    Here we sell a box of more than 100 phlox heads on short stalks. When you use the flowers you just need to remove them from their stalks.

    Phlox are also lovely used as part of petal confetti where their delicate feather like petals add a touch of class.

    Whole phlox are also lovely floating in cocktails.

    We will include a selection of colours within the box but if you’d just prefer just one colour then please do email Jan at and we can pick to your preferred option. They come in pink, purple, white and red.

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  • Buy edible flowers from
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    Buy Mixed Primula Flowers

    (45 + primula flowers per box)

    Primula flowers are tough wee flowers that are first on  the scene in Spring and their vibrant colours bring much needed flashes of vibrance to announce the start of the edible flower season.

    Primulas have a subtle yet distinctive perfume which is discernible in baking. Slightly sweet and definitely floral and they are also wonderful crystallised.

    Alternatively floating in a cocktail or dressing a salad, they are lovely for a Spring Wedding or celebration.

    Primulas are also lovely set in ice cubes where there bright colours show through.

    These primulas are sold in  mixed colourful boxes.

  • Buy rocket flowers from
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    Buy Rocket Flowers

    Buy Rocket Flowers. 85 flower heads per box. We can also sell them on the stem if you prefer. Just call Jan on 07935 268744.

    Stripy salad rocket flowers works brilliantly with savoury dishes and their beautiful vibrancy epitomises summer. They are stunning stars in cream and brown with a strong spicy flavour which marry well with a whole host of savoury dishes as well as being lovely to garnish salads and canapés. Rocket flowers are much loved by chefs not just because of their beauty but because they pack a real punch flavour wise which means they compliment a whole range of  recipes.Buy rocket flowers from

  • Buy fresh edible rose petals for cooking, wedding cakes, cocktails and crystallising.
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    Fresh Edible Rose Petals

    Buy fresh edible rose petals for celebration cakes, for cooking, for floating in cocktails and as a stunning ingredient in numerous delicious recipes. Maddocks Farm Organics are the only sellers of organic edible rose petals in the UK and we are famous for the quality of our organic roses.

    All our organic roses are grown according to the very strict guidelines set down by the Soil Association and are never sprayed. Our roses are all English varieties and rated as strong to very strong perfume which means that they contain all the essential oils and perfume to make them perfect for culinary use. We have also had numerous varieties tested in an organic laboratory to assess which produce the best ‘rose’ flavour. This is why we have been chosen to supply several companies with organic rose petals for using as varied as making rose water, jam, rose chocolates and for floral tea. We also supply some of the country’s best wedding cake makers with edible flowers and petals to decorate wedding cakes.

    Buy your fresh edible rose petals from us to explore all sorts of recipes. We have exciting ideas on our blog listed to the left. We also have some wonderful suggestions for rose recipes both by ourselves and other talented chefs on our specialist Rose Pinterest board.

    Our rose petals are also stunning crystallised or how about a rose petal salad? Either make yourself with our petals or buy here.  A best seller here at Maddocks particularly for Weddings and Christenings

    Minumum weight – 80grms. You can request specific colours under customer notes when you order. Fresh Edible Rose Petals. Maddocks Farm Organics Rose Petal Wedding Salad

    Available from