Edible leaves herbs and garnishes in July

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  • Buy rocket flowers from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk
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    Buy Rocket Flowers

    Buy Rocket Flowers. 85 flower heads per box. We can also sell them on the stem if you prefer. Just call Jan on 07935 268744.

    Stripy salad rocket flowers works brilliantly with savoury dishes and their beautiful vibrancy epitomises summer. They are stunning stars in cream and brown with a strong spicy flavour which marry well with a whole host of savoury dishes as well as being lovely to garnish salads and canapés. Rocket flowers are much loved by chefs not just because of their beauty but because they pack a real punch flavour wise which means they compliment a whole range of  recipes.Buy rocket flowers from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk

  • By lemon verbena from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk
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    Buy Lemon Verbena

    Buy fresh Lemon Verbena. 12 large sprigs per box.

    Lemon Verbena sprigs are available between the beginning of May and the end of October. Please don’t order outside of these times.

    Buy organic lemon verbena. sprigs of lemon flavoured leaves lovely for decorating cakes and puddings.

    Here we sell a large punnet of box of more than 12 large sprigs  of lemon verbena with enough leaves to decorate 80 cocktails or cupcakes.

    If you have surplus you can always dry them for tea or make a lovely lemon butter for drizzling over fish or chicken.

    Information about ordering, preordering and delivery is here. Every box is picked to order on the day of despatch so we cannot accept orders placed after 12 noon for next day delivery.

    Lemon verbena syrups


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  • Edible Leaves for Wedding Cakes from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk
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    Edible Leaves for Wedding Cakes

    Buy edible leaves for your wedding cake. Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You want it to be perfect and so do we. Maddocks Farm Organics offers a range of beautiful and unusual edible leaves with which to decorate your wedding cake. These are also perfect for cupcakes and for garnishing cocktails.

    Different leaves work well in different situations so perhaps start by reading our guide to using edible  leaves on Wedding Cakes here.

    As can be seen with the stunning cake by http://beesbakery.co.uk these particular leaves work best when adhered to cakes using butter cream…. similar to a petal confetti technique.   If you are planning on serving a naked cake or would like leaves to garnish a cake that you require to sit out for several hours then something more robust like Rosemary or Lavender sprigs would hold much better. Sweet Cicely Fern is a lovely tasty addition to cakes but needs to be used flat as it will wilt if left dangling over the edge of a cake for several hours on a hot day.


    Mixed edible leaves in various styles and colours. As seen on the stunning cake from http://beesbakery.co.uk, a selection of tasty edible flowers of all flavours and colours. Available to buy from March to October.

    Sweet Cicely Fern 10 x fronds. These are sent out as whole fronds which can be broken up into smaller pieces for cupcakes etc.

    Rosemary Sprigs – non flowering. 10 x sprigs of approximately 14cm in length. Available March to October.

    Lavender Sprigs – non flowering. 20 x sprigs of approximately 7cm in length. Available May to October.

    Basil Sprigs – Miniature robust basil which holds well on cakes. Available July-September

    Our edible leaves are sent out by overnight courier. For a Saturday wedding we suggest ordering them to arrive on the Friday and they will be fine refrigerated until putting on the cake the next day. You can choose the delivery date and address when you order. To avoid disappointment we would suggest pre-order them well in advance as we are a small firm which is lucky enough to have a great reputation so we sell out of flowers every week during the summer.

    If you’d like any advice on using edible leaves then do email Jan at maddockfarmorganics@gmail.com

  • Primrose curd. Edible flower recipe from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk/category/latest-blog/
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    Introducing Edible Flowers

    Introducing edible flowers. Are you new to eating or cooking with edible flowers? Do you want to learn about different types of edible flower? Buy the introduction to edible flowers box will help you learn more about the amazing choice of edible flowers available.

    The Introductory Box is a larger box which contains a selection of at least 7 different types of sweet and savoury edible flowers and is available from the end of May until the end of September. These are individually packaged and labelled so that you can experiment with using and tasting a selection of different seasonal flowers.

    The content of the box changes weekly but usually contains some seasonal edible herb flowers; a selection of spicy flowers; a selection of savoury flowers; and some sweet flowers for decorating desserts and cakes or for crystallising.

    These seasonal edible flowers link in with recipes on our blog and on our Pinterest boards. If you are interested in cooking with edible flowers then you can also buy one of Frances Bissell’s new books from our shop.

    Edible flowers included in this box will show the wide range of options available to the aspiring chefs and demonstrate that edible flowers are not just a pretty garnish for the side of the plate.


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