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Mixed Boxes for Edible Flowers for Different Uses: Edible Flowers for Wedding Cakes; Edible Flowers for Cocktails; Edible Flowers for Sweet Dishes; Edible Flowers for Savoury Dishes; Introduction to Edible Flowers; Edible Flowers for Dinner Parties.


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    Seasonal Edible Flowers

    Buy seasonal edible flowers

    Buy seasonal edible flower selection. A selection of sweet or very mild flavoured flowers which are perfect for garnishing cakes, popping on puds or floating in your cocktails. These pretty little flowers are the ones used by professional chefs to garnish  desserts.

    These flowers are the very best of what we are growing at the moment and a lovely mix of seasonal colours. The contents will vary slightly throughout the year but will typically contain approximately 55 sweet flowers of mixed colours.

    We should add that we are a tiny family firm and do pick every box to order so if you want a particular range of colours then please do add to the notes as you go through the order process and if we have them then we will.

    Please do preorder these if you need them for a specific dates as we don’t always have enough to send out at short short notice. You can pre-order here now as you will be asked to choose your preferred delivery date when you order.


  • Edible Leaves for Wedding Cakes from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk
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    Edible Leaves for Wedding Cakes

    Buy edible leaves for your wedding cake. Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You want it to be perfect and so do we. Maddocks Farm Organics offers a range of beautiful and unusual edible leaves with which to decorate your wedding cake. These are also perfect for cupcakes and for garnishing cocktails.

    Different leaves work well in different situations so perhaps start by reading our guide to using edible  leaves on Wedding Cakes here.

    As can be seen with the stunning cake by http://beesbakery.co.uk these particular leaves work best when adhered to cakes using butter cream…. similar to a petal confetti technique.   If you are planning on serving a naked cake or would like leaves to garnish a cake that you require to sit out for several hours then something more robust like Rosemary or Lavender sprigs would hold much better. Sweet Cicely Fern is a lovely tasty addition to cakes but needs to be used flat as it will wilt if left dangling over the edge of a cake for several hours on a hot day.


    Mixed edible leaves in various styles and colours. As seen on the stunning cake from http://beesbakery.co.uk, a selection of tasty edible flowers of all flavours and colours. Available to buy from March to October.

    Sweet Cicely Fern 10 x fronds. These are sent out as whole fronds which can be broken up into smaller pieces for cupcakes etc.

    Rosemary Sprigs – non flowering. 10 x sprigs of approximately 14cm in length. Available March to October.

    Lavender Sprigs – non flowering. 20 x sprigs of approximately 7cm in length. Available May to October.

    Basil Sprigs – Miniature robust basil which holds well on cakes. Available July-September

    Our edible leaves are sent out by overnight courier. For a Saturday wedding we suggest ordering them to arrive on the Friday and they will be fine refrigerated until putting on the cake the next day. You can choose the delivery date and address when you order. To avoid disappointment we would suggest pre-order them well in advance as we are a small firm which is lucky enough to have a great reputation so we sell out of flowers every week during the summer.

    If you’d like any advice on using edible leaves then do email Jan at maddockfarmorganics@gmail.com

  • cocktails
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    Edible Flowers for Cocktails

    Edible Flowers for Cocktails.


    More than 3,000 of our edible flowers were used to garnish the cocktails at the premiere of the James Bond Movie Spectre. We like to think that if they are good enough for James Bond’s martini then they are pretty spot on. They are also featured in Brides magazine as a ‘budding’ trend.

    The Cocktail Box comes in two sizes.

    The Budding Floral Cocktail Box which contains three separate punnets of different types of flowers – making up 75+ smaller edible flowers in total suitable for garnishing mixed cocktails and other summer drinks and for making flower ice cubes and lollies. It also contains a few seasonal edible leaves perfect for decorating cocktails e.g. thyme sprigs, lemon verbena, mint, lemon balm or fennel fronds or for adding to your ice cubes.

    The Flower Power Floral Cocktail Box which contains four separate punnets of four distinctly different types of flowers – making up 150+ smaller edible flowers in total suitable for garnishing mixed cocktails and other summer drinks and for making flower ice cubes and lollies. It also contains two types of seasonal edible leaves perfect for decorating cocktails e.g. thyme sprigs; lemon verbena, mint, lemon balm stems; or fennel fronds or for adding to your ice cubes.

    If you know what cocktails you have in mind when ordering this box then let us know and we’ll find your cocktail the perfect petally partner.

    If you would like a specific type of edible flower to garnish drinks for your special event, or have a particular cocktail in mind then do look at our list of individual flowers or you can choose this mixed Edible Flower Cocktail box for a selection of floral treats to make your cocktail party go with a bang. You can either choose one type of flower or have a selection of different flowers and petals.

    Floral Ice Cubes – Our lovely edible flowers in ice cubes were featured in Brides. We do a selection of edible flowers for ice cubes HERE.

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    Edible Flowers for Wedding Cheese Cakes

    Here you can buy edible flowers for your wedding cheese cake. Wedding Cheese Cakes are very much the range and this selection allows you to to enjoy an lovely mixture of sweet and savoury flowers which will compliment your different cheeses. Spicy. Garlicky. Fruity. Herby. Just perfect. We can also supply you with leafy garnishes as well.

    Do email Jan to discuss what is available at different times of year so that we can get it perfect for you. We can give you advice on which edible flowers work best with different cheeses  in different situations as well. The email is maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com

    Your wedding is the most special day of your life. You want it to be perfect and so do we. Rather than charge you extra for the big day we charge you LESS and offer you 3 boxes of edible flowers and herbs to decorate your wedding cheese cake for £35 or 5 boxes for £45. This includes some statement flowers, herb flowers, spicy flowers and edible foliage.

    As well as decorating your wedding cake we can also supply matching edible flowers to garnish canapés; for champagne cocktails and other drinks; and for homemade wedding favours.

    Edible flowers for wedding cakes are available from March until the middle  of October subject to availability. If you wish to order outside of this time then please email Jan at maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com and we can check availability. Winter flowers are much smaller and more dainty than summer flowers and mainly comprise pansies, violas and primulas. You can pre-order your wedding flowers for 2016 and would suggest regarding our FAQs for more information. 

  • Edible Petal Confetti from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk
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    Edible Petal Confetti

    Petal confetti cakes are this year’s big trend and very popular for both weddings and vintage tea parties. Our edible petal confetti has recently featured in BRIDES and Rock n Roll Brides.

    Edible flower confetti, or flowerfetti, is a wonderful way of producing a stunning and natural looking cake with complete ease. What more could you want than a beautiful wedding cake that takes only 5 minutes to decorate and costs a fraction of the amount a sugar crafted cake would.

    This large box contains enough flowers to provide petals to cover two 8 inch cakes. We supply our edible petal confetti in rainbow colours and can also pop some wee violas in there as highlights but if you wanted it in just one colour or shade, or one type of flower as shown below with orange calendulas or blue and purple cornflowers then include your preferences in the ‘comments section’ when you order and we will pick accordingly. We pick every box to order.

    Alternatively scatter one boxful on a cake and the other on salads, in ice cubes, in jellies, on puds, over rice dishes etc etc…… you name it.

    All the wedding cakes on this page are made by the very fabulous Bees Bakery if you’d like somebody else to do all the hard work for you.

  • Edible flower ice cube. Flowers from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk, Photograph by http://www.piet.co.uk for http://www.rakesprogressmagazine.com
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    Edible Flowers for Ice Cubes

    Floral Ice Cubes

    Our lovely edible flowers for ice cubes were featured in Brides as an upcoming trend and are lovely if you want to make flower ice cubes for champagne buckets, for floral cocktails or for chilled jugs of water.

    Smaller and medium sized edible flowers are an ideal size for you to make your own floral ice cubes. A guide to making floral ice cubes is HERE and it is worth reading before making final decisions about what you’d like. Again, you can choose which coloured flowers you’d like or you can leave it up to us to make a lovely selection of colour flowers that will show up clearly when encased in ice. Borage and mint tips for Pimms? Rose petals for weddings? Lemon Verbena & Tagetes for refreshing spritzers? We pick to order so can work with what you’d like or if you just want one individual type of flowers then do go to the section of our on line shop listing flowers by type HERE. Pop in some details below and we’ll pick to match how you are using your ice cubes.

    Here we offer two sizes of box.

    The standard box comprises 100 flowers and enough edible foliage/herbage to add 50 leaves as well.

    The large box comprises 150 flowers and enough edible foliage/herbage to add 100 leaves as well.

    You can pre-order them here. When you order you can choose the date that you’d like them to be delivered. Remember to leave enough time to get your iccubes properly set. This will take a couple of days. See the guide above.

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    Edible Flowers for Savoury Dishes

    For too long edible flowers have only been considered a wee garnish for the side of a plate. Our Savoury Edible Flower box contains a selection of edible flowers with good strong flavours to use with salads or other savoury dishes. This box includes seasonal herb flowers; spicy flowers such as mustards, rocket or nasturtiums; and depending on the season either pea or bean flowers or alliums. If you ever thought that flowers were boring or insipid in flavour then think again as this is the box for you.

    There are a whole host of inspiring ideas and recommendations for using savoury flowers on our blog.

    For exact contents each week please email Jan via the link button at the bottom of the page.

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    Edible Flowers for Dinner Parties.

    Edible flowers for dinner parties. A selection of 4 boxes containing savoury edible flowers, seasonal salad garnish leaves, herbs and petals; and two different types of sweet edible flowers designed to raise your dinner party to a level previously only dreamed of by the likes of Margo Leadbetter and Hyacinth Bucket. Sufficient of each type to compliment a dinner party for 12 to garnish drinks or cocktails; decorate canapés and starters; set of your mains off a treat and make your puddings positively posh! You can email us your particular menu to maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.co.uk and we will pick suitable flowers and label them up for you at no extra charge. We pick everything to order so we’ll taylor the flowers accordingly so that you have the right flowers for each course. If you want a floral party and need inspiration then we can also provide some recipe suggestions! For further advice do call Jan on 07935 268744. Our edible flowers have formed part of more than one winning menu in Come Dine With Me; have appeared ‘on the couch’ with Alan at Chelsea Flower Show and also on The Great British Bake Off.  Annika Rice speaking on Radio Two said “they are almost too beautiful to eat”. You can also buy both of Frances Bissell’s floral cook books from our shop . The recipes are sublime.   There are load of flower recipes on our blog. There are ours and other people’s recipes on our Pinterest boards.

    If you would like the flowers to match certain dishes then the menu need to be emailed at least a week in advance. Many thanks. 

    Coming soon...

  • Edible flowers for crystallising from Maddocks Farm Organics
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    Buy edible flowers for crystallising

    Edible flowers for crystallising.

    This box contains specially chosen flowers that are suitable for crystallising or ‘sugaring’. Some flowers such as cornflowers, dianthus, violas, bellis daisies, pansies and roses work particularly well crystallised and some flowers just don’t like it at all. As with all our flowers we pick to order so you can choose the colour and style that that you’d like as long as they are in season.

    If you crystallise edible flowers using Gum Arabic then they will last for several months in a dark, dry airtight container. If you use egg white then they will last for a few days. See below for instructions on how to crystallise flowers.

    Crystallised flowers are a lovely way of preserving flowers for winter weddings; for a lovely frosted finish on summer wedding cakes and for cupcakes or other desserts. They are also stunning on home made wedding favours.

    We do two size boxes of flowers for crystallising. The standard size box which contains 50 flowers suitable for crystallising and the party size box which contains 80 flowers plus some sweet cicely fern or other herb sprigs suitable for crystallising such as thyme, rosemary or mint.  We call this larger box the party box because crystallising edible flowers takes a wee bit of time to do well and this box is perfect for inviting a couple of mates round, opening a bottle of wine, popping on some music and crystallising together.

    You can preorder flowers for crystallising here and you can choose the exact date that you would like them delivered when you order. 

  • Primrose curd. Edible flower recipe from http://maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk/category/latest-blog/
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    Introducing Edible Flowers

    Introducing edible flowers. Are you new to eating or cooking with edible flowers? Do you want to learn about different types of edible flower? Buy the introduction to edible flowers box will help you learn more about the amazing choice of edible flowers available.

    The Introductory Box is a larger box which contains a selection of at least 7 different types of sweet and savoury edible flowers and is available from the end of May until the end of September. These are individually packaged and labelled so that you can experiment with using and tasting a selection of different seasonal flowers.

    The content of the box changes weekly but usually contains some seasonal edible herb flowers; a selection of spicy flowers; a selection of savoury flowers; and some sweet flowers for decorating desserts and cakes or for crystallising.

    These seasonal edible flowers link in with recipes on our blog and on our Pinterest boards. If you are interested in cooking with edible flowers then you can also buy one of Frances Bissell’s new books from our shop.

    Edible flowers included in this box will show the wide range of options available to the aspiring chefs and demonstrate that edible flowers are not just a pretty garnish for the side of the plate.


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