Flowers for Cocktails in October

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  • Sale! Photo by Guy Harrop. Flower cocktails and food at Lower Grenofen, Tavistock, Devon
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    Buy Fresh Lavender Flowers (Copy)

    Buy fresh lavender flowers from our Devon farm – 50 stems per box.

    We grow three types of culinary lavender – all English. Contrary to popular belief English Lavender is considered better than French for cooking purposes because it has lower camphor levels and a softer, sweeter flavour. The French lavender is stronger and ideal for the perfume industry. Our lavender is continuously harvested and provides flowers from the end of June until October.

    Lavender is associated with sweet dishes such as shortbread, cakes and biscuits and is stunning with chocolate and ice creams. White chocolate and lavender – to die for! Fresh lavender is also marvellous with savoury dishes and has a wonderful affinity with lamb and with tomato dishes. A few sprigs are also lovely crumbled through roasting potatoes.

    Lavender has shaken off it’s association with old ladies and has suddenly become ‘bang on trend’. Lavender cocktails have become extremely fashionable for weddings in the past couple of years. Both the sprigs floating in cocktails and a lavender syrup used to make cocktails. Our fresh lavender was used to make cocktails on Sunday Brunch last year and went down a storm with Olympic athlete, Christina Ohuruogu!

    Our boxes of fresh lavender flowers contain a minimum of 50 heads on 5 inch stalks. This is more than sufficient for a whole range of dishes (or to garnish cocktails) as fresh lavender has a stronger and cleaner flavour than dried.

    Surplus lavender heads can be preserved by making lavender sugar. Alternatively it can be dried and as long as it is kept in an airtight container out of direct sunlight it will retain it’s flavour for a year.

  • Edible phlox flowers in cocktails from
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    Buy Phlox Flowers

    Buy phlox flowers. 100 flower heads per box.

    Phlox are available between the beginning of May and the middle of October. Please don’t order outside of these times.

    Phlox. Stunning summer flowers in red, pinks, whites and purples. These flowers are very delicate and ones that should be treated with care as they don’t like to be left out on food for long periods of time. Having said that, they are completely stunning little stars and are quite beautiful adorning cocktails if they are added at the last minute. They are also beautiful additions to cakes or desserts.

    Here we sell a box of more than 100 phlox heads on short stalks. When you use the flowers you just need to remove them from their stalks.

    Phlox are also lovely used as part of petal confetti where their delicate feather like petals add a touch of class.

    Whole phlox are also lovely floating in cocktails.

    We will include a selection of colours within the box but if you’d just prefer just one colour then please do email Jan at and we can pick to your preferred option. They come in pink, purple, white and red.

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  • Buy fresh edible rose petals for cooking, wedding cakes, cocktails and crystallising.
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    Fresh Edible Rose Petals

    Buy fresh edible rose petals for celebration cakes, for cooking, for floating in cocktails and as a stunning ingredient in numerous delicious recipes. Maddocks Farm Organics are the only sellers of organic edible rose petals in the UK and we are famous for the quality of our organic roses.

    All our organic roses are grown according to the very strict guidelines set down by the Soil Association and are never sprayed. Our roses are all English varieties and rated as strong to very strong perfume which means that they contain all the essential oils and perfume to make them perfect for culinary use. We have also had numerous varieties tested in an organic laboratory to assess which produce the best ‘rose’ flavour. This is why we have been chosen to supply several companies with organic rose petals for using as varied as making rose water, jam, rose chocolates and for floral tea. We also supply some of the country’s best wedding cake makers with edible flowers and petals to decorate wedding cakes.

    Buy your fresh edible rose petals from us to explore all sorts of recipes. We have exciting ideas on our blog listed to the left. We also have some wonderful suggestions for rose recipes both by ourselves and other talented chefs on our specialist Rose Pinterest board.

    Our rose petals are also stunning crystallised or how about a rose petal salad? Either make yourself with our petals or buy here.  A best seller here at Maddocks particularly for Weddings and Christenings

    Minumum weight – 80grms. You can request specific colours under customer notes when you order. Fresh Edible Rose Petals. Maddocks Farm Organics Rose Petal Wedding Salad

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  • Buy snapdragons. Edible flower snapped onto a cocktail glass from
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    Buy Snapdragon Flowers

    Buy Snapdragon Flowers. 40 to a box. Mixed colours unless requested.

    Snapdragons are like marmite in the edible flower world. You either love them or hate them. I am definitely in the ‘love’ camp for a variety of reasons.

    Firstly their ability to snap and hold themselves onto cocktail glasses makes them a big hit with the cocktail set. You can buy snapdragon flowers to decorate cocktail glasses at weddings or for hen nights… or should that be the other way around!

    Secondly, snapdragons come in a range of bright colours, as both single and doubles, and flower all summer long. They are beloved by the bumble bees which stand on the front of the flowers and snap them open before disappearing completely inside to find the pollen. I frequently pick them to suddenly find the flowers buzz!

    Snapdragons have quite a bitter flavour reminiscent of chicory which makes them lovely in salads and on the canapés. Using a piping bag they can be stuffed with cream cheese or guacamole for really pretty hors d’oeuvres.

    Lastly they are very robust which makes them a good choice for garnishing buffets or cakes which are going to be ‘standing’ around in warm surroundings such as marquees. They will hold without wilting for several hours.


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  • Buy Lemon Tagetes.
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    Buy Tagetes Flowers

    (100 + Tagetes flowers per box)

    Tagetes flowers are stunning little stars of yellow, orange and red. They have a citrus – almost Seville marmalade flavour -a bit like kumquats. Both the flowers and leaves are edible which means that they can be displayed as little sprigs. Tagetes also hold very well (see the flowerpot muffins below) so are great for cakes and for floating either as individual flowers or as sprigs in cocktails.

    Their sweet/tart flavour means that they work brilliantly with both sweet and savoury dishes. Think duck or game; fruit salads; trifles….. you name it. The yellow are a little more lemony in flavour so work well with fish as well.

    We pick in mixed colours but can just picked just yellow, orange or red as you wish. Just specify when you order. 

    If you’d like your Tagetes as sprigs then do let us know but please be aware that we can only get 40 sprigs to the box.

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  • By lemon verbena from
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    Buy Lemon Verbena

    Buy fresh Lemon Verbena. 12 large sprigs per box.

    Lemon Verbena sprigs are available between the beginning of May and the end of October. Please don’t order outside of these times.

    Buy organic lemon verbena. sprigs of lemon flavoured leaves lovely for decorating cakes and puddings.

    Here we sell a large punnet of box of more than 12 large sprigs  of lemon verbena with enough leaves to decorate 80 cocktails or cupcakes.

    If you have surplus you can always dry them for tea or make a lovely lemon butter for drizzling over fish or chicken.

    Information about ordering, preordering and delivery is here. Every box is picked to order on the day of despatch so we cannot accept orders placed after 12 noon for next day delivery.

    Lemon verbena syrups


    Coming soon...

  • Sale! Edible Flowers and recipe from
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    Buy Edible Violas

    60 standard violas to a box – mixed seasonal colours unless requested

    100 fairy violas to a box – mixed creams and purples/yellow unless requested.

    Violas come in pretty much every colour except green. They are one of the better know and loved of the edible flowers and they are the ones most commonly associated with  crystallised flowers.

    Violas are incredibly colourful and can flower all year around but are particularly prolific from early spring until about mid September. Their black or dark blue centres contrast with their bright outer colours and make them a welcome addition to any plate. They have a very subtle fragrance and virtually no flavour at all which means that they can accompany both sweet and savoury dishes with equal ease. They are the flower most often used by chefs for garnishing plates. The stunning cake to the left was photographed by The Daily Mail Weekend Magazine when they wrote an article about us.

    We sell two sizes of violas.

    Fairy violas which, as the name suggests, are tiny and perfect for garnishing bite size canapés or dropping in a glass of something special – they are slightly smaller than a 5p piece.  They come in purple/yellow/white bicoloured.

    We also sell standard size violas which slightly smaller than a 10p piece. They come in a range of colours. You can see the difference in size by clicking on the white button below.

  • cocktails
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    Edible Flowers for Cocktails

    Edible Flowers for Cocktails.


    More than 3,000 of our edible flowers were used to garnish the cocktails at the premiere of the James Bond Movie Spectre. We like to think that if they are good enough for James Bond’s martini then they are pretty spot on. They are also featured in Brides magazine as a ‘budding’ trend.

    The Cocktail Box comes in two sizes.

    The Budding Floral Cocktail Box which contains three separate punnets of different types of flowers – making up 75+ smaller edible flowers in total suitable for garnishing mixed cocktails and other summer drinks and for making flower ice cubes and lollies. It also contains a few seasonal edible leaves perfect for decorating cocktails e.g. thyme sprigs, lemon verbena, mint, lemon balm or fennel fronds or for adding to your ice cubes.

    The Flower Power Floral Cocktail Box which contains four separate punnets of four distinctly different types of flowers – making up 150+ smaller edible flowers in total suitable for garnishing mixed cocktails and other summer drinks and for making flower ice cubes and lollies. It also contains two types of seasonal edible leaves perfect for decorating cocktails e.g. thyme sprigs; lemon verbena, mint, lemon balm stems; or fennel fronds or for adding to your ice cubes.

    If you know what cocktails you have in mind when ordering this box then let us know and we’ll find your cocktail the perfect petally partner.

    If you would like a specific type of edible flower to garnish drinks for your special event, or have a particular cocktail in mind then do look at our list of individual flowers or you can choose this mixed Edible Flower Cocktail box for a selection of floral treats to make your cocktail party go with a bang. You can either choose one type of flower or have a selection of different flowers and petals.

    Floral Ice Cubes – Our lovely edible flowers in ice cubes were featured in Brides. We do a selection of edible flowers for ice cubes HERE.

  • Edible flower ice cube. Flowers from, Photograph by for
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    Edible Flowers for Ice Cubes

    Floral Ice Cubes

    Our lovely edible flowers for ice cubes were featured in Brides as an upcoming trend and are lovely if you want to make flower ice cubes for champagne buckets, for floral cocktails or for chilled jugs of water.

    Smaller and medium sized edible flowers are an ideal size for you to make your own floral ice cubes. A guide to making floral ice cubes is HERE and it is worth reading before making final decisions about what you’d like. Again, you can choose which coloured flowers you’d like or you can leave it up to us to make a lovely selection of colour flowers that will show up clearly when encased in ice. Borage and mint tips for Pimms? Rose petals for weddings? Lemon Verbena & Tagetes for refreshing spritzers? We pick to order so can work with what you’d like or if you just want one individual type of flowers then do go to the section of our on line shop listing flowers by type HERE. Pop in some details below and we’ll pick to match how you are using your ice cubes.

    Here we offer two sizes of box.

    The standard box comprises 100 flowers and enough edible foliage/herbage to add 50 leaves as well.

    The large box comprises 150 flowers and enough edible foliage/herbage to add 100 leaves as well.

    You can pre-order them here. When you order you can choose the date that you’d like them to be delivered. Remember to leave enough time to get your iccubes properly set. This will take a couple of days. See the guide above.