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Buy Tulip Flowers. 5 flower heads per box. Organic edible tulips for culinary use.

Tulip petals can either be gently snapped from the base of the flower – careful as they can be brittle. The individual petals can then be used as for mini hors d’oeuvres or as stunning ‘containers’ for sauces or dips.

The whole flowers can also be used by removing the stamens and ‘inner’ parts of the flowers and trimming the stem level with the base of the flower. These can be stuffed & served cooked or raw (the link for a great recipe from the fabulous chef Pascal Aussignac is here). Here at Maddocks Farm we like to use them as ‘bowls’ for serving ice-cream or the fabulous Tulip Bloody Mary Prawn Cocktail. Other tulip recipes are on our blog.

Tulip colours change throughout the season and your box will include the very best on the day that we pick.   If you’d just prefer just one colour then please specify when ordering and we will try to pick to your preferred option. Please be aware that in very rare cases some people have shown to be allergic to tulips. More information about tulips is here.

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Recipe Ideas

Tulip Bloody Mary Prawn Cocktail

Buy edible tulip flowers from

This recipe was the brainchild of Jan and turned into a stunning reality by the very talented Matt Mason from The Jack in the Green. The recipe is on my blog and is really worth trying.


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