Red Tailed Mason Bee at Bee Conservation at Conservation at Maddocks Farm OrganicsCommon Cader Bee held by Dr Richard Comont from The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.Bumblebee Conservation at Maddocks Farm OrganicsFabulous Dr Richard Comont from The Bumblebee Conservation Trust at Maddocks Farm Organics

 Format of the day comprises:

9.45 Arrive for tea/coffee

10am Presentation on bumblebee ecology and surveying by The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

10-45 Coffee and brownies

11.05 Presentation on bumblebee ID

12.00 Lunch with Maddocks Farm Organics award winning produce and edible flowers.

12.45 Field ID session of bumblebees around the organic edible flower field at Maddocks Farm Organics

3.30 Questions about Maddocks Farm Organics and edible flower growing for those that want to hang around for a while with Jan Billington from Maddocks Farm Organics.

4pm departure.

The Bee Whisperer at Maddocks Farm Organics……

or in other words Jan helping out a cold and early Queen bumblebee in February.


Bumble Bee Conservation and Identification Course at Maddocks Farm



We are very thrilled to announce our third bee identification course at Maddocks Farm Organics. This not for profit course is run by the very lovely Dr Richard Comont from The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust and hosted here at Maddocks Farm Organic.

To be held at Maddocks Farm Organics on Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Bumblebee identification at Maddocks Farm Organics  Bumblebee identification at Maddocks Farm Organics.

The cost of the course is £40 and all proceeds are donated to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Maddocks Farm Organics supports the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.




Coming soon...