Edible Flower Farm

Jan and Stuart uprooted their family in 2002 to move to Devon as a direct result of watching far too many episodes of ‘Escape to River Cottage’! The lifestyle change after a decade of living and working in London was literally a breathe of fresh air and Jan set about establishing Maddocks Farm Organics, offering small scale seasonal organic vegetable boxes. With Stuart still commuting to London and Imogen not yet at school, it was an extremely challenging time.

The salads developed from a desire to offer more than just lettuces in the boxes and the feedback was so positive that the business grew from there and we soon started supplying shops and pubs. In 2008 Jan made the conscious decision to stop the wider veggie boxes and to specialise in edible flowers and salads.

Maddocks Farm Organics is the only edible flowers specialist that has an organic licence. We haven’t looked back since moving to Devon and were delighted that our Seasonal Flower Salad Bags were recognised with a Highly Commended Award in 2009 and our Herb Flower Salad was Winner in the 2012 Soil Association Food Awards. In 2013 Jan was made a Soil Association Food Hero which was a great honour and in 2014 was a finalising in the Organic Innovations Awards.

The Team


Best Side-Kick!

Joe (a.k.a. ‘JJ’ a.k.a Sidekick) is the glamorous newbie to the team and was brought up in deepest darkest north Wales hence being a wee bit allergic to the tropical Devon weather… much squinting and muttering at bright sunshine. JJ has a strong background in permaculture and is embracing his inner edible flower picker. Makes great tea and is brilliant at clearing beds. Does ‘stuff’ on computers when not slaving in the field. Acerbic humour usually at Jan’s expense. Hates picking salad…..


Imy is the opposite….. sun worshiper of the highest order (here with Lily). Imy works only on sunny days and dances her way around the flowers beds accompanied by the tinny sounds of pop music. Has a great eye for colour. Noisy. Also hates picking salad…..